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December 26, 2011

Officially A Wife!

Alhamdulillah, dengan sekali lafaz, i, Siti Fatimah, am officially a wife to Mohd Idzwan Asyraff on December 24, 2011.

Him being my husband is the greatest birthday present i could ever wish for..


Nah, ini a few shots from friends posted in facebook..

 The first few moments after the ijab qabul and the witnesses said "Sah!". Couldn't hide my happiness!
Photo credit to Aie.

 Batal air sembahyang :)
Photo credit to my bestie Linda

Posing gedik pulok..
Photo credit to Fina comel!

On December 25, 2011, we had our wedding reception at Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara. Alhamdulilah, the wedding went smoothly. A few glitches here and there, but they are minor. Nanti lah elaborate.

 Baru sampai.. Time ni perasaan adalah excited campur nervous!
Photo credit to bride-to-be Shim!

Bersanding! Hehe. Lenguh otot pipi senyum..
Photo credit to Kak Yulie sayang..

At this moment, all i have to say is ALHAMDULILLAH.. Thank you Allah for your endless blessings.
December 22, 2011

Partied My Way Out of Singledom!

i have AMAZING girlfriends.

They threw not one, not two, but THREE amazing surprises for me!

The Hen Party

The first one was last month. The DGAs threw a Hen Party for three brides; Aslinda, myself and Pijot! The party was SUPER AWESOME. They kidnapped us after work, brought us to RedBox Sogo. At first i thought it was a normal get-together. You know, karaoke, chit chat, makan-makan..

They proved me wrong!

We came in to a gorgeous and glam-ly decorated room! All these DIY deco was on the wall, balloons everywhere, and all fancy things.. The girls were all wearing bunny ears, they are so CUTE! Lepas menjerit dan tergamam dan menjadi jakun, we were forced to make a speech. 

 The DIY wall deco.

 The three brides-to-be.
(As dah selamat kahwin, next will be me and Pijot's will be in January)

The hens and the brides-to-be..
From left ; Ogy, Ahya, Nadh, Kak Yulie, Chuna, Aliza, myself, Pijot, As, Pip, Anna, Shim and Fina!

 Makan time!
Nampak tak muka haku yang kebuluran itu?

Then there were games! OMG, the games..

First game was the Post-It Note Game. Each and everyone of the girls (excluding the brides) wrote their most memorable moment with the bride on a piece of paper. The host (in our case, Fina) read the chosen papers and we, the brides, have to guess who wrote it. My most memorable one of this is from Pip. It wrote, "Kita pernah bogel sama-sama. Tapi aku tak nampak ko punya and ko tak nampak aku punya.". Homaigodddd scandalous okeh! Aku mane lah berbogel ngan sesiapa. Haruslah terjerit disitu. Haruslah tak dapat teka jugak. Rupanya that was the time when we went to Bale Bale Spa in Jakarta. Tak lah bogel, pakai kain batik hokay! (-_-)

The second game was Design the Wedding Dress. We were divided into 3 teams for the three brides. Each of the teams have to use rolls of tissue paper to make wedding dresses and dress the brides. Tak cukup dengan itu, lepas berbalut dengan tisu, diorang paksa kitorang keluar bilik and catwalk along the corridor and buffet area and let the staffs of RedBox choose the winner. i looked like Lady Gaga. Sumpah malu!!

 Design the dress: These are my Vera Wangs!

 ..and the dress is ready!

 The brides-to-be in our bridal couture.

Being pushed to the buffet area. Forced to catwalk!

i won!
Mr. Chenta commented "Hadoilaaaa.." on this pic in FB (-__-)

Selesai catwalk, kami berkemas-kemas, karaoke for another 30 minutes, and rushed home. That was the greatest party ever threwn for me. So much effort was put. i can't thank the girls enough :')

 Bergambar lagi..

..dan lagi!

Surprise Birthday Lunch

This one was on Monday. i sorta knew something was up when i went to Fina's cubicle. She was panicking and menggelupur, cepat-cepat tutup PC and my name was the subject of her email. And then after tapau-ing lunch, i saw Amal rushing into the office with a cake box. And pantry yang selalunya kosong tiba-tiba penuh masa aku tengah makan. Muahahaha. 

Despite all these, i was crazy surprised when Amal came with a cake and everybody sang a birthday song. ALOUD. In the office. It was so sweet. We ate cakes and laugh and they wished me happy birthday in advance and happy getting married. My colleagues are seriously the best.

 The birthday-cake-in-advance

 Amal was so animated and talkative throughout the whole session. Girlfriend's high on sugar!

Surprise Birthday Dinner

This one is thrown by Linda, Lina and Ahya!

On Tuesday, my last working day of the year, Linda ajak cari tudung kat Arianni Wangsa Maju. As i need to find tudung for nikah as well, we both went after work. Lepas shopping, dia beriya-iya lah ajak makan Mac n' Cheese at TGIF. Sampai kat TGIF, she led me to a table and Lina and Ahya were already there! We ordered and had a nice talk. As i looked at these three girls, i realized that they're married. And OMG, i'm gonna join them this weekend! OMG! They gave me advice on marriage, on the whole wedding preparations.. It's just so good. Sitting there talking. 

i thought that was it. Then the TGIF staffs came singing the birthday song and other very long song, demanded me to stand up and give a speech and sing! Berpeluh ketiak aku, suddenly being the center of attention. Seriously, these girls are the best.

 Ahya, Linda and Lina.
InsyaAllah, i'm gonna join the club this weekend!

With my birthday cake!

i've had a rough past. My life was far from perfect, and like any other human beings, i have my bad moments. But i'm blessed with good friends who make me feel loved and cherished and remind me the world is still a good place. The people you choose to be in your life makes all the difference. i'm glad i have these people as friends.

Kepada sayang-sayang ku, terima kasih untuk segalanya. Doakan yang terbaik untuk majlis pernikahan dan persandingan saya. You all are the best!

Okay, it's 2.33am. i better go to bed now. Long day tomorrow.

P/s: all Hen Party's photos are credit to Fina.

December 21, 2011

In 3 Days..

..we'll be hubby and wifey! InsyaAllah..

Can't say i'm totally ready. Things are all over the place!

Doorgift packing is mostly done. Mula-mula saya nakkkk sangat bagi telur rebus. i like the traditionality in that. Tapi bila memikirkan payah dan lecehnya merebus, saya lupakan saja. Cukup lah barang yang telah diberi. Plus, takyah susahkan sanak sedara merebus. Then last week, Wan telah menjadi drama queen dan cakap "Biar lah susah ke ape ke, aku nak bagi jugak telur rebus! Kalo ko tanak nanti aku merajuk!" Hamboiiii dah pandai blackmail saya. Mementang la birthday dia (the 90th!). Ade la telur rebus nanti gamaknyeee...

Gubah-menggubah hantaran diserahkan bulat-bulat kepada makcik-makcik saya. i'm the first cucu to get married on my mum's side. Maka nenek dan aunty-aunty sangat excited nak menggubah itu ini. Lantak la eh.. i bought the materials and i trust their creativity. *Ya Allah tolongggg la jangan old-fashioned sangat hantaranku nanti!*

Mini pelamin tempat berposing masa nikah nanti Mr. Chenta nak buat. i wanted to just rent tapi dia kata, "Buat apa sewa mahal-mahal? Pakai kejap je pon nak posing je. Dah la kita nikah kat masjid! Biar i buatkan.." Saya pon pasrah la membiarkan dia buatkan. So far dia dah siapkan mini stage. We'll look for kain for backdrop and fikirkan gubahan bunga. *Ya Allah tolongggg la cantik mini pelaminku nanti*

Baju nikah, baju reception dan segala aksesori dah diambil! Homaigoddddd.. When you have these things in your hands, rasa macam "This is it. It's really happening!" Saya agak tidak berpuas hati dengan baju reception. Thank God we have a back up plan.

Rumah masih tunggang langgang. Belum berkemas. Adik-adik saya demam. Kuranglah tenaga kerja. Haiyooo..

My DIY guestbook is still in progress. Ingatkan nak hantar bind macam masa buat thesis aritu. Sempat ke ye??

All in all, rasanya this is not only mine and Mr. Chenta's wedding. Everybody's touch is everywhere. Aku ikotkan aje lah. i realize this is not only my wedding, they also wanna be a big part of it. Cuma harapnya okay lah semua. Amin.
December 13, 2011

Fifth Year Anniversary

It's 12/12/11..

It's our fifth anniversary ya'll! *grin from ear to ear*

5 whole years of getting to know this guy (even more). In this 5 years, we learn each other's hidden languages, cherish each other's pleasant sides, accept each other's flaws and bad habits, laugh with and at each other, storm out of the rooms from each other, gone through countless tears and screams, survived long distance relationship, gone through very-near distance relationship, share endless secrets, get to know each other's friends, travel to places..

5 amazingly complicated yet beautiful years.

And in 12 days, insyaAllah, we'll (finally) be husband and wife.

Happy Anniversary, Bibib!

This is our last anniversary as a couple. 
The end of a phase but a beginning of an even better life.
Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Like they said, being married is finally having someone to annoy for the rest of your life. 
i have you to annoy permanently!

 Our favorite song at the moment: Penghujung Cintaku by Pasha Ungu and Adelia

May love and happiness be in our upcoming marriage and last until our final breath. Amin.

December 11, 2011

13 Days Left.. a single woman!

*freak out*

Alhamdulillah everything is okay. Well, kinda.

There was a little doorgift drama but settled. Phew! Seriously, susah nak puaskan hati semua orang.. In my case kene satisfy Wan, Atok, Nenek and in-laws.. Agak pening disitu. Setelah dipujuk dan dibincang, okay sudahhh..

Kerja renovation dan cat-mengecat dah settle.. Tapi rumah tunggang langgang. Sebab tu la jugak dah lama tak ber-belog. Kerja kemas-mengemas perlu dilakukan segera!

Pembahagian tugas sudah pon dibincang dan di beritahu kepada kaum keluarga. Nampak tersusun. Harapnya execution nanti smooth la hendaknya. Mr. Chenta and i are both the eldest so agak nervous takot ada hiccups sana sini.

Invitation cards (mostly) sent! Kat FB pon dah di-invite. Hehe.

Saya adalah demam panas sejak semalam. Dugaan yang dahsyat ini. Bila demam, kerja kahwin pending. Haihh.. Doakan saya cepat sembuh ya (^_^)