December 13, 2011

Fifth Year Anniversary

It's 12/12/11..

It's our fifth anniversary ya'll! *grin from ear to ear*

5 whole years of getting to know this guy (even more). In this 5 years, we learn each other's hidden languages, cherish each other's pleasant sides, accept each other's flaws and bad habits, laugh with and at each other, storm out of the rooms from each other, gone through countless tears and screams, survived long distance relationship, gone through very-near distance relationship, share endless secrets, get to know each other's friends, travel to places..

5 amazingly complicated yet beautiful years.

And in 12 days, insyaAllah, we'll (finally) be husband and wife.

Happy Anniversary, Bibib!

This is our last anniversary as a couple. 
The end of a phase but a beginning of an even better life.
Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Like they said, being married is finally having someone to annoy for the rest of your life. 
i have you to annoy permanently!

 Our favorite song at the moment: Penghujung Cintaku by Pasha Ungu and Adelia

May love and happiness be in our upcoming marriage and last until our final breath. Amin.

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