December 31, 2009

Chilling with Siblings is COOL

i love hanging out with my brothers. We're actually quite close but as we grow older, we grow apart. What with me working, Faizal studying and Redha doing only-God-knows-what. But we try to spend time with each other; watching tv together, cook together, go out for dinner, movies together, go back to our grandparents place in Damansara..

Our latest hanging out activity is bowling at WangsaWalk Mall. It was Wednesday evening. The initial plan was to have dinner and bowl but then we're not hungry so we went straight to the bowling alley. Crowded okeeee! We waited for half an hour for our turn. Weeknight pon ramai org :p

We played two rounds. First round; Redha first place, me second place and Faizal third place. On the second round Redha first place, Faizal second place and me third place. Redha sangat terer oke. Asyik2 strike. It's not fair! *sila jgn bagitau Redha saya memuji. Nanti dier bangga diri selama 2 tahun*

Penat tggu turn

Awesome threesome!

Si kidal yang pandai main bowling

Pissed off sebab tak strike

Faizal yang bola dier selalu laju

Diriku yang pakai bola paling ringan

Pissed gak sebab tak strike

Bottom line is i like spending time with my brothers. Yea, i there are times when i just wanna hit them with a KUALI but most of the time i'm glad i have them.
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