October 14, 2009

Office Gossips!

Let's be honest..

We don't really like going to work. Even the most dedicated, motivated, hard-working, strong-willed career people would never look forwad to deadlines, long office hours, bosses from hell, ad-hoc presentations and God-knows-what-else that comes daily in our job.

That's why in all of these office tension and chaos we will always find EXITEMENT and feel a sense of BELONGING when we merrily GOSSIP with our friends.

i admit, when i'm feeling lost in my mountains of work, or get tired of racking my brain, my feet will automatically find their way to my nearest, ahem, gossip buddy (or gossip buddy available online) and say " hey...ape cter baru?" or "ade gossip tak??????"

Usually our gossip topics are boring. Who's dating who, who's going out with who, who wears what, who's fighting with who, who says what, recent  celebrity scandals... *yawn*yawn*

These small gossiping session tho harmless and useless, gives a rush of adrenaline that gets us energized enough to resume our never ending jobs.

So i guess in some ways, office gossip is beneficial for our jobs huh?

p/s: There are differences between GOSSIPING and BITCHING. Gossiping is more like sharing news while bitching adalah sesi kutuk-mengutuk orang-orang tertentu yang kite tak suke. I like gossiping but i don't bitch. Coz takde orang yang aku tak suke. Sekian terima kasih :p

p/s lagi: Don't think that only we girls gossip. i KNOW the male species gossips more than we girls do.
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