October 29, 2009


My cat, Snowbelle died this morning.

I’m depressed.

I tried everything I can to cure her. I bought her to the vet twice. She was even warded on both occasion.
When she’s home, she slept with me.
When she can’t/won’t eat I force feed her with her favorite can of tuna.
I gave her her medication, her vitamins.
I didn’t go out on the weekend just to look after her.
I cared for her as if she’s my own baby.

But she left anyway.

I miss her.

Miss the way she’d greet me every single day when I get home from work.
Miss the way she pleads for food.
Miss the way she chase the toy rope when I play with her.
Miss the way her tail wiggles whenever I stroke her.
Miss how she purrs when I manja-manjakan dier.
Miss how she’ll miaow and miaow whenever my attention diverts from her.

I miss her.

You’ll always be loved, Snowbelle.

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