December 23, 2010

Our Forth Anniversary..

Approximately ten years ago, late one night, a girl and a boy at the age of 15 were intently talking on the phone. Their conversation flows easily. They talked about school, friends, family, and life in general. Kadang-kadang terdengarlah suara budak perempuan ni berdekeh-dekeh ketawa dek kerana kelawakkan budak lelaki ini. Yang mamat ni pulak memang dari kecik suka menyakat minah ni. They are cousins. They are good friends. It's as simple as that.

Suddenly the boy asked, "Weh, ko penah tak gi makan kat KL Tower? Kat restoran pusing-pusing tu.."

"Tak pernah la.. Pernah gi skali je tengok teropong-teropong tu. Apsal?" the girl answered honestly.

"Hurm.. Takpe. Nanti one day aku bawak ko. Kite gi makan kat sana," said the boy.

"Bukan mahal ke??" the girl asked skeptically. They were 15 afterall.

"Memang la mahal.. Takpe, nanti-nanti kite gi laa.." assured the boy.

A promise was made.

Little did they know that life has a plan for them. Ten years passed. At times they grew close to each other, other times they we separated, and sometimes they were even strangers to one another.

*  *  *  *  *

The boy and the girl are Mr. Chenta and i. 

He made that promise when we were young and naive. And though i tried to act cool about that, dalam hati selalu teringat je. Bler la nak bawak aku gi sane.KL Tower kot! Lupa kah dia? Haishh.. Hampeh! sampai lama-lama, aku pon lupe dah..

This year, as our forth anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend approached, i casually asked "So bibib.. Where should we celebrate this year?". i was thinking about Marche. Or Tony Roma's. God, i miss their ribs. With a smile, he turned to me and casually said "Hurmmm.. Kite gi KL Tower nak?"


Always takes me by surprise.

Good things come to those who wait eh?

 The view at our table when we got there.
On my date night pon i have to be reminded about work! Pscfttt!

 Pompuan gomok.

 Lelaki oncet!

 Posing gedik kene ade jugak kan?

 He's kinda afraid of height. Hehe.

(Almost) 25 years of being cousins, 4 years of being us.

About the dinner itself.. The dinner buffet is priced at RM155/pax. Asian and Continental spread was offered. Honestly, the Continental buffet was yummy but the Asian dishes were disappointing. Pelik jugak, caterernya adalah Sri Melayu. Tapi masakan Melayunya hampeh. 

But we didn't really mind because OH MY GODDD THE VIEW IS INCREDIBLE. Took my breath away. We were so jakun looking at the KL City lights and busy pointing out places like "Loooooook that's the Sungai Wang!" "Heyyy that's Penjara Pudu!" "Tu dierrr Maybank Tower!" "Heyyy.. Where's Wangsa Maju? i couldn't see Carrefour!". We couldn't take our eyes off the view (and each other, of course!)

The glass windows are a bit tilted so when you lean forward, kite rase macam tengah jatuh from KL Tower ke bawah. Sumpah la gayat mase mula-mula meniarap atas tingkap tu. If it's up to me, i'd like to bungee jump from there. Wahhh mesti rase cam nak mati!

But the worst part of the night is when tengah sibok-sibok amek gamba, tetibe bateri kameraku mampos! Arghhh.. Stress okeh!!! Terpaksa la meneruskan kejadian cam-whore dengan phone masing-masing.

Overall, i think it's the perfect night. i think it's perfect coz i get to spend it with him. ;)

Serious lah i waited 10 years for that.

4 comments on "Our Forth Anniversary.."
  1. hey gurl luper letak yang baju gurl asik2 terbukak button dier..hihihi!

  2. thankssss Zarith and Aliza! it was a sweet night, indeed!

    Bibib, hoiii itu baju Mama lah.. memang butang dia suke terbukak-bukak! :p


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