November 20, 2010

Thai Massage

Let's face it: we women love to pamper ourselves once in a while (even though we want moreeee).

If it's up to me, i'd like to have facials, massages, hair treatment, manicure, and pedicure every week, if not everyday. Sape tak suke beb, badan ini di telek dan dibelai tetiap hari. Apakan daya, gaji saya bukan RM5juta sebulan. Maka, haruslah menguruskan wang dengan bijak and self pampering takes backseat.

But that's not the case yesterday. i had a bad day. Tiada mood sepanjang hari. Maybe that got to do with the fact that i was wearing a kinda-new heels all day long and they're killing my feet! As soon as i got home, i called Thai Odyssey to make an appoinment for Thai Massage NOW! And yeayyy, they have a free slot for me.

So i dragged my brother and his girlfriend to One Utama, bribed them with dinner, and went to Thai Odyssey. Ahhh.. Heaven!

 Before going in the massage room, the masseuse will clean your feet. Obviously, for hygienic reasons.

What i love about Thai massage is that you don't have to strip to get the massage. You are given a big pyjamas to be worn. Perfect for those yang shy shy cat!

Selepas gambar diatas diambil, berlaku lah pengurutan Thai dimana krak-kruk-krak-kruk tulang kedengaran dengan kuatnya. Sakit tapi sedap. Lega sendi-sendi ini!

While being massaged, i made a mental note that someday when i'm rich, getting an in-house masseuse is a top priority!

Saya paling suka bler dier buat macam ni:

 Konfem berbunyi tulang belakang.
*from Google image*

 Krak kruk krak kruk..
*from Google image*

In terms of pricing, Thai Odyssey is affordable. RM85 for 90 minutes Thai massage, and RM75 for 60 minutes at most Thai Odyssey's centers. The price is slightly higher at Bangsar Village II outlet, maybe coz of the location.Tempat lain, tak tahulah bagaimana price range nya.

Err.. Why am i doing free promotion for Thai Odyssey? Oh well, sharing is caring right? Hehe..

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