November 1, 2010

Three Years

Today marks my third anniversary working as a geoscientist for The Company.

 *image is from Google image

Three years.. How time flies huh? Feels like it's only last week i stepped in the HR office in my all-new working-executive outfit, clutching the required documents, feeling nervous and excited all at the same time.

*nostalgic smile*

Three years of learning, making mistakes, learning, learning, and learning.

Three years of wondering "Am i doing this right? Can i make this better? Is my performance good enough?"

Three years of waiting excitedly on the 23rd of every month for payday and sort the bills out (and planning what to shop for).

Three years of waking up on weekday mornings and groan "Do i have to go to workkkk?? Why can't they start at 10am?"

Three years of getting to know my colleagues and discovering that hey, they're not only a colleague. They're my friends!

Three years of experience doing all kinds of work - managerial, technical, and even event planning - and still know that there's so much more to explore, so much more to learn.

In short, three wonderful years with their ups and downs.

i'm grateful to have such a great employer. Though sometimes they drive me nuts, they're still the best (because they hire me. Haha).

Let's hope and pray that there'll be many MANY glorious working anniversary from this year onwards.

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