November 11, 2010


i watched this movie, MEGAMIND last night.

*image from Google*

OH-EM-GEEEEE it was hilarious!

i must say, i underestimated it. i didn't even consider to watch it. Tak ingin pon. But that's the only movie available at that time so my friends and i just went for it. Itu pon sebab Brad Pitt menyumbangkan suara dalam cter ni. But seriously, tak menyesal langsung.

The movie is about this blue alien, Megamind (coz he got a huge head, a total smart ass guy) he was transported to Earth when he was just a baby. Instead of crashing into a decent, wealthy family's arms, like his arch enemy (Metroman), he crashed in a jail and was raised by the prisoners. They teach him to be a badass guy since he was little. Even though he's actually a nice guy, he always got teased and picked on at school (yes, he went to the School for Gifted) so in the end he sees no point of trying to be good. Maka, memilih untuk menjadi orang jahat. What happens next? Silalah tengok ye.

In the meantime, meh tengok trailer dulu.

Isn't it funny?

Anyway, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow is almost out! Weeeeee.. Letih menunggu movie-movie Harry Potter ni nak kuar. Read the books ages ago and i have to admit that i forget the storyline hear and there. But this trailer makes me excited!

i bought the movie tickets already. Semangat lebey ni!
2 comments on "Megamind"
  1. Ah I was looking review for Megawind, seems like not a bad choice to watch ! Thanks :P

  2. it's a good choice! i laughed all the way! huhu..


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