February 2, 2010

Hair-y Stuff

i've always been a long-haired girl. Ever since i was little, my mum and (especially) my dad like my hair long. Mama always dressed my hair up with all those cute,colorful little pins, clips, scrunchies, and ribbons and papa will be like "Cantik nye rambut budak ni.. Anak sape niiiiiiiii?"

Growing up, i always kept my hair longer than shoulder length except (i) when i was in Form 2 (i cut my hair really REALLY short that my junior, a guy, said "Wehh..rambut aku lagi panjang dari rambut ko!") and (ii) last year when i thought i needed a change and cut my hair really short like Olive's (Popeye's wife) hair.

i never fail to regret the moment the stylist cut my hair.It's like the scissors are stabbed through my heart.

Me+long hair:






Me+short hair






Can you see the difference? My face looks rounder and plumper with short hair.


i cant wait for my hair to grow longer. Cepat lah panjang rambutku sayang.

Current progress:

 *natural combed hair*

*selepas di-curl and processed*
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