February 7, 2010

It's REALLY nice when...

-i get hugs and kisses from my loved ones
-i find money in my jeans pocket/handbags/pencil case/gym bag.
-it rains early in the morning on weekends.
-i get to cook with Wan
-i stumble into old folders of pictures
-i get to spend time with my brothers
-He comes to me with ice creams in his hands
-i get to spend a whole day with girlfriends.. laughing, eating, gossipping.. simply catching up..
-seeing the happy looks on Wan and nenek's faces when i give them presents
-i hear from friends
-He tells me i'm beautiful and sexy when i'm a mess and smelly.

Life's too short to dwell on the past and worrying over petty things.

(even when it's a cloudy day and your hair's a mess!)
1 comment on "It's REALLY nice when..."
  1. hye~ i really get it when u wrote found money in ur jeans... smiley face will be everywhere..

    hehe.. btw, cool blog u have.. will visit here oftenly..

    ps, i love ur dress in the picture~ :D


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