February 17, 2010

Of Broken Hearts..

Recently it seems that a lot of my friends are going through a break up.

Break up.

The two dreaded words.

It kills me seeing my friends post breakup. To see the tears and pain. Hear their miserable voices and tearful tales. And worst, seeing those assholes of an ex-boyfriend moving on with some chick less than 2 weeks after breaking up. Really, WTF???

i really feel for my friends. We love with all our hearts. With this thing called love comes along hope, dreams, plans, and longing. It's unfair a thing called breakup has the power to ruin it all. i really wish that relationships last forever, that they don't end just like that.

To my girls (if you're reading this), i'm sorry i'm not really good with words. i'm sorry if i fail to be there for you. There are things i want to say but somehow the words just wont come out the way i want it to sound.

Trust me, i mean it when i say they are not worth it. They're not worth the pain, the agony. You, my friends, are far too pretty, smart, kind-hearted, loyal, and waaaayyyyy too good for men like them. Then again, everything happens for a reason. This breakup is a test from the Almighty. He knows the best for you.

i pray with all my hearts that we girls don't have to go through any more breakups. Amin.

*praying for my very own happy ending too*
1 comment on "Of Broken Hearts.."
  1. life must go on rite.... lalalalala....
    i dont believe in love for this period of time..
    lets hope i will fade away


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