April 1, 2010

Geological Fieldwork for Dummies

A friend once told me "Ko ni ber-blog macam bukan geologist. Cuba la ketengahkan sket elemen ke-geologist-an"


i'm gonna talk about geological fieldtrip or fieldwork.

Correct me if i'm wrong but a friend once told me in her line of work, a fieldtrip consists of "a hopping trip from one company to another company to observe/study/survey the way the said company work". She was like "You're soooo lucky coz you get to go to fieldworks!!!"

Boy, you couldn't be more WRONG!

In a geologist's dictionary (according to me lah), a fieldwork can be described as "Endless hours outdoor looking at, examining, touching, smelling, drawing, and even tasting rocks under the merciless hot sun (if we're lucky) or pouring rain (if we're cursed). This process takes hours if not days."

In addition to all of the above, you have to think of why the rock is there, why it is the way it is, why it's muddy instead of sandy, how it got there, where else will you find the same formation of rocks, what brought it there.. The list of whys and hows seem endless!

Cakap banyak pon tak gune. Maybe i should show you what we actually do on a fieldtrip - the geologist way.

Batu apakah ini?
Why is it like that?

Why is the beach full of corals instead of sandy yang cantik-cantik?

What kind of structure is this?
How did the mini cave form?

Panjat memanjat perkara biasa.

Why this rock appears to be fractured?

 Why is this formation like this...

...instead of tersusun cantik begini?

What structure is this? What caused it?

Now do you get the picture? We have to answer all the above questions. The answers vary from one geologist to another. It depends on your own interpretation.

Memang leceh sikit bler gi fieldwork. Start pagi, habis lewat petang. Panas tak ingat.. sampai migraine dibuatnye. Kalau hujan pon harus diredah untuk mengelak pembaziran waktu. Bekalan air, sunblock, sunglasses, dan baju hujan harus lah cukup. All for the love of geology. 

However, tidak lah semuanya buruk-buruk belaka. In our trips, we'll get to discover hidden places. Beauty of nature that has never been discovered by outside world. i am lucky to get to discover/see them. Kita juga boleh bersuka-ria dan berfoya-foya semasa membuat kerja lapangan ini. Jumpe tempat cantik, harus lah berposing kan?

Gorgeous trees.

Stunning river in Tandek.

Sungai mengalir tenang with a long, long jetty di Sulaman, Sabah.

Fooling around with friends. Rindunye diorg!

Ride on a pick-up truck. 
Haruslah berangan kami sedang membintangi filem Bollywood!

The effect of a geological fieldwork can be seen after the trip. Fieldtrip participants appear to be smarter than before and ability to answer field geological questions increases. But the most obvious after-effects are pertumbuhan jerawat yang maha pesat, penggelapan kulit yang amat nyata, dan kepenatan yang melampau.

Tough task but i'm loving it.

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