April 16, 2010

Being Imperfect is Perfectly Fine

It ain't easy being a girl.

Everyday we are shoved with images of beautiful women. Women who are so perfect they hardly have any flaws. Everything about their skin, body, teeth, hair, nails (yeah, we women do get jealous of another women's shiny nails) are perfect. In our great little minds we'll wonder "Why can't i have that beautiful hair? How come her skin's flawless when she doesn't even wash her face? Why is she so skinny when she eats more than i do??"

Ladies, news flash; LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

i admit i am vain. i wanna be perfect in every way possible. But for the past 4 years i've learnt that no matter what you do, you're not gonna turn into Jessica Alba, Gisele Bunchen, Siti Nurhaliza or Aishwarya Rai. You will always be you.

So i accepted my fate. Frizzy hair checked. Badan berlemak-lemak checked. Gigi yang pelik checked. Dahi berjerawat checked. Of course i try as much as possible to mitigate these imperfections. But i learnt to love these very much flawed body, skin, teeth, and hair of mine. Besides, what really counts is who you are deep inside. People will love you more if you have a good heart, tidak dengki mendengki, dan berbuat baik dengan orang. Apalah guna muka cantik, badan seksi jika hati sebusuk loji kan? Teehehe..

i'm not done babbling.

To make myself (and also you, darlings!) feel better, i googled some "flawless" celebrities (i always knew they're not flawless anyway. They have airbrush to make themselves look perfect). Enjoy these pictures and keep in mind that even they need help to look beautiful ;)

See how tiny her waist and arms are in the "after" picture? Her legs are leaner too.

Tadaaa... Cellulite removed!

Edited to perfection; bustier and slimmer waist.

 Hurm.. i think she looks hot the way she is.

Grandma Madonna looking younger!

Bottom line is, nobody's perfect. Love yourself the way you are, only then others will love you.

Pictures credit: Source1, Source2, Source3
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