April 21, 2010

Buh-Bye Marudi!

i'm on my last  day  in Marudi  *PHEW!!*

It's a nice place. i finally feel how it's like to have an actual kampung halaman (Errr.. saya tiada kampung. Atok, nenek semua di KL. Mak bapak lahir di KL. i spent the past 24 years in KL. Owh memang tiada life). Memang jakun berada di tengah-tengah pekan kecil, lalu jalan tanah merah, melawat rumah panjang, naik bot merentasi sungai, pergi memancing buat pertama kali, berkelah di dalam hutan, belajar bahasa Iban. It was truly an amazing experience!

But two whole weeks is more than enough. In fact, i was screaming my lungs out on the 7th day. i can't take it anymore..

Call me a whiny baby or a stuck up city girl i don't care. i need my girlfriends, i need good and fattening food, i need to go to the cinema, i need E! channel, i need malls, i need to see the traffic jams, i need the 24 hours mapleys, i need normal cars instead of those pick-up trucks i've been using here and i need Mr. Chenta!
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