June 25, 2010

If It's Worth Having It's Worth Fighting For

Let me ask you people… Is there any relationship where two people never fight? Never mind what that relationship is (friends, hubby n’ wifey, siblings, bf-gf), I believe a fight (if not fightSSSS) will always present.

Tipu la kan kalau dah kenal bertahun, berbulan, berhari even, tapi tak penah bergaduh/terasa/merajuk langsung.

I admit I had a fight/merajuk session with even my best friend (ahem, Shaq *cough*). What I love most about our fight is that we were VERY vocal about our ke-tidak-puashatian, yell at one another there and then, get our issue/s resolved, then the anger vanished like thin air, and we kiss and make up and apologize endlessly on the spot. Lepas tu sambung gelak-gelak/shopping/makan/gossip. We girls and our PMSes. Pschfttttt..

Fights with brothers lagi lah tidak terkira. Pernah bergaduh dengan Faizal sampai aku telah menggigit tangannya sampai berdarah. Kalau bergaduh dengan Redha lagi la. Segala perkataan “Bodoh, bangang, giler, cacat” keluar dari mulut kami.. Heh, itu mase kecik. Sekarang saya sudah bersopan lagi ayu tanak la geget-geget dah. Maki-memaki pon sudah kurang. Now we fight mainly for TV remote control and the car. And who gets the chicken drumstick.

In a lurvey-dovey relationship, fighting is VERY essential. It shows that these two people have their own mind and not afraid to speak up about what they believe in. Tidak la menjadi Pak/Mak Turut dalam segala hal. Through these fights, we can know our partner better. His likes/dislikes, his way, his preferences. Besides, a relationship will get VERY boring if the couple does not have any argument. Sepanjang masa ok je, tak argue, tak merajuk. Tidak bergaduh/merajuk, maka tiadalah adegan pujuk memujuk kan? Tak sweet lah kan? How boring! 

i observed that Mr. Chenta and i always fight when i'm having or about to have my period (even though not every month la). Hehe. See, it's not really my fault. Blame the hormones!

Walaupun pergaduhan dan rajuk-merajuk adalah penting, jangan lah sampai putus kawan, putus sedara, dan break up pulak yea.. Yes, healthy arguments are important but being patient is much more important than that. Dan bergaduh pon jangan lah sampai pukul-memukul dan dera-mendera. Itu bukan healthy arguments namenye!  

Let it out, it's better than memakan hati selama bertahun-tahun.
(Err.. but if possible, don't scream and shout like this la. Hodoh benar rupenyer)
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