June 11, 2010

i'm a LOVER!

i love so many things. Clothes, bags, traveling, food, jewelries, books, my family, my friends, money..

But in this particular post, i wanna declare my love for COFFEE!

Oh yes.. Heart warming, blood pumping, aromatic, addictive coffee.

My day is incomplete without them. Gotta have at least one a day or i'll be coffee sick and terbayang-bayang sampai malam. And not more than two mugs or i'll start having headache, delusion and insomnia.

My favourite type is the 3-in-1 ones. i can't drink Nescafe though. i dunno why but somehow this particular brand gives me the worst migraine in the world. So i opt for G'day Coffee (they have 3 flavors, my favorite is Vanilla Latte. Heavenly!), or Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffee or Ali Cafe Kacip Fatimah (i dunno why people act funny everytime they see me drink Kacip Fatimah. i like it for the flavor oke coz it's bitter sweet - not because sebab keperempuanan ke hapa..Hishhhh!). i have extra fund for coffee every month so that i can treat my tastebuds with Coffee Bean/Starbucks/San Francisco coffee. Sekali sekala ok la. Kalo everyday pokai jugak aku.

 Don't say i didn't warn you!
*Photo source is from Google image*
1 comment on "i'm a LOVER!"
  1. jelesss....sbb aku allergy coffee ;( -fizzi izzi-


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