June 20, 2010

Weekend Bliss


Sudah bersawang blog ini. Busy-ness kept me away from the World Wide Web. Sampai terlupa saya punya blog :D

Anyway, i was involved in KKP 2010 as part of the performance team. Had intense training for two weeks, weekends included. Itu belum termasuk the after work training sebelum intense 2 weeks training ni. Sebulan jugak la berpulun. Otot-otot di kaki sudah terasa kepejalannya.. Siapa kata menari tak penat? "p

i'll tell more about KKP in the next post.

But yea, the training got me exhausted. So i spent the weekend sleeping til 11am, wake up for lunch, basuh baju, and continue napping from 2pm til 5pm. Ahhhh... Complete bliss! Sudah tidak peduli bilik bersepah. All i know is that i need to sleep.

Anyway, i'm gonna watch Toy Story 3 after this. So many great movies nowadays. Summer is the season for good movies!

Disamping itu, saya juga tidak sabar untuk menonton movies-movies ini:

Twilight Saga - Eclipse

Knight and Day


p/s: Since the opening of TGV Wangsa Walk, i don't bother to go to Pavillion for movies. Sekangkang kera kot dari rumah!
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