July 20, 2012

Why Being Married is Awesome

After the wedding, i didn't blogged much about being a wife. i babbled about the receptions, videos, and being pregnant that i forgot the thing that matters most; being the love of my life's wife.

Alhamdulillah, so far so gooooooooooooddddddd.. Maybe because we're still in our honeymoon period but i really really REALLY hope that this honeymoon period lasts for as long as we live. In no particular order, here are 12 of my favorite things about being married that i can think of right now..

1) Having a guinea pig to try my cooking. i don't usually cook (thank God for Wan) but when i do, the only person i'm trying to impress is my husband. So nasib lah sedap ke tak. Kalau sedap, baru offer kat orang lain. Kalo tak, well, i'll force him to help me finish it. Tapi selalunya licin je dia makan tanpa paksaan. Hehe.

2) Pillow talks. This is my favorite part. Every night we'll lay in the dark and talk about nothing, anything and everything until we fall asleep. i'm so used to it that i can't sleep if we don't have our pillow talks.

3) Having an imam. Solat berimamkan suami adalah benda paling menenangkan. Even shopping can't beat that.

4) Dropping the word "husband" and "laki aku" in conversations with friends/colleagues. Like "you know, my husband always do bla bla bla.." maybe at times i sound annoying but i have a husband! Kasik chance la hokay ;)

5) Days spent in bed. Mr. Chenta and i are not really a mall person. On weekends, we spend more time at home than going out. Paling-paling pon gi minom kat mapley or watch movie je la. Kalo kat rumah tu we do chores, cleaning, do laundry, etc. Tapi bila datang mood malas tu, kami boleh dok dalam bilik dari pagi sampai petang like we did last Sunday. Celik dari tido, took some light breakfast kemudian berkurung dalam bilik marathon cter Desperate Housewives sampai habis season 8. Sedar-sedar dah kol 6 petang. That is my definition of bliss.

6) Having my very own driver. Dulu pon dia memang lah driver saya. Now dah kahwin lagi la menjadi tanggungjawab dia to escort and drive me around. Hehe.

7) Doing chores together. Dia basuh and jemur baju, saya lipat dan gantung. Saya memasak, dia tukang basuh pinggan. Dia menyapu, saya mengemop. Saya sakit kaki, dia urut. Eh.

8) Gaduh & merajuk tak lama. Biasa lah, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, suami isteri ada lah gadoh dan rajuknya. Kalo zaman boifren gurlfren, time marah tu kita je yang betul. Orang lain semua salah. Susah betul nak beralah dan mintak maaf. Tapi skang kalo gaduh ke merajuk ke, automatic hati ini akan berkata "Sudah-sudah la tu. He's your husband. Bukan nye besar pon isu nya.. Gi hug dia gi. Hug cepattttt.." Hubby has been the same too. Ye lah nok, ko nak majuk banyak mana la ha. nanti malam tido sekatil jugak :p

9) Being parents together. He's my babydaddy! i get all warm inside when i think of it that way. i know he's good with kids so i know we're (my baby and i) will be in good hands. And having someone to clean the baby poop and boogers is a plus. Aku tak tahan bau berak budak sebenarnya. Muahaha..

10) Not having to face problems alone. Now every problems (and of course, good things) are shared. Tak lah menanggung beban sorang-sorang. i got your back, baby, and you got mine!

11) Having that one person for to annoy for the rest of our lives. Us calling each other fat, fart in each other's faces, finish each other's favorite foods, leave the toilet unflushed for each other to find the 'treasure' in it..
12) SEX! Duhhh.. Of course. i don't need to elaborate more on this kan? *wink*

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