August 4, 2010

July 2009 Memories: The Last Post (Seriously!)

i know, i know i said the previous post is my last post on my July 2009 trip. i forgot that i didn't include Bath and The Stonehenge. Yeah, silly me. Tapi errr... nak blog jugak boleh tak? Hehe..

So we were back in London late at night after our Liverpool trip. Tanpa membuang masa, kami keluar pagi-pagi buta the next day to continue our journey to Stonehenge and Bath.

 Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan.
Ntah la kenape ek tetibe haku suke lak upload gambar2 highway ni..

 Sampai jugak at last! After an hour and a half of driving.

Batu-batuan Stonehenge.

My bestie Shaq, myself, his bestie Faiz,and him bersama batuan itew.

Flowers, rocks and i.
Ohhh.. Ade kisah disebalik bunga itu. When Mr. Chenta and Faiz came to pick us up from Shaq's house, saya sedang merajuk sama Mr. Chenta. Tapi sebab nak sangat berjalan, duduk je la diam-diam monyok dlm kete. Tutup mata buat2 tido sebab tanak cakap langsung dengan Cik Abang. Menchi tau! Bler dah sampai Stonehenge ntah macam mane dier bagi bunga pulak. Ntah dari mane dier petik/beli/cilok. Terkejot beruk sangat. Ye ler, dier jarang gler bg bunga, tetibe bagi lak. Malu tau berjiwang karat depan kawan-kawan. Hehe. Tak jadi i majok youuuu...

Tengah syok bergambar tibe2 hujan lak. We rushed to the car la nak balik. Then the rain stopped.

That's when i saw this place. A HUGE piece of land with nothing but yellow-green grass... and cow poops! i fell in love with it. Yeah, kinda silly to fell in love with something like that but i can really see myself there. Membina sebuah rumah with garden, bercucuk tanam sayur-sayuran, menternak haiwan untuk dagangan...A truly simple life away from the city. Hehe. Anyway the four of us joked about being petani dan bergelak ketawa dalam angan-angan kami.

  Harus lah berjoget tetiap hari macam ni kan kalo dapat hidup yang diidamkan?

After we're done being silly, we continued to make our way home. Originally we wanted to head back home. Tapi sengaja suruh GPS ikot jalan kampung, ter'lalu' pulak area Bath. So we took this opportunity to see Bath. Oh, sebelum tu kami singgah di Woodhenge. Like Stonehenge, Woodhenge was used for ceremonial purposes but Woodhenge is creepier as the prehistoric people offered children as sacrifices. CREEPY right??? i didn't know at that time otherwise i would go there!

Abang hensem bersama Woodhenge signboard

i was mesmerized when we reached Bath. The city looks completely different as the buildings architecture are clearly influenced by Roman. We reached there quite late so there's nothing much to do except walk around and admire the buildings and gardens. Too bad we were late. i really would like to see the Roman Bath and Thermae Bath as those are the only hot springs in Britain.

 The Lower Avon River

Bath Botanical Garden

The streets of Bath.
Dunno why but i kinda like this view.

The Bath Abbey Tower
 Us and the city of Bath.

i really like the Stonehenge and Bath. Yeah, they look kinda boring. Just a couple of old rocks and buildings. But for me they have the uniqueness and tranquility that are hard to find in our modern world. It's nice to escape to these old wonders. No wonder they're one of the World's Heritage.

There ain't much money needed for this trip as i have included car rental and fuel in the previous post. Just need to add fees to enter Stonehenge (GBP6.90) and a few more pounds for lunch and dinner.

*  *  *

Ok people. This really is the end of my UK adventure posts. i really had fun. In fact, i think it's the greatest adventure of my life. 

Visiting foreign places, meeting new people, observing different culture (tekejot tengok homosexual people  pole dance kat SOHO siang2 buta!), eat so much Middle Eastern foods (itu je makanan halal yang senang dapat, memang muak beb hari-hari makan kebab! Nasib la kitorang masak gak kat rumah..), shopped like mad (because i discovered Primark, H&M, Soap & Glory and Bicester Village!), discovering hidden treasures (Bath, ladang lembu) and being independent. It also strengthen my relationship with both Shaq and Mr. Chenta (Man, i fought a lot with both of them during that trip! But we survived it ).

And i'm proud to say i DIDN'T even use my credit card in that 14-days period in foreign countries! Well, except when we wanted to rent that car but that's because they won't accept cash! It's an achievement kan? God knows it was HARD to fight the urge to swipe the cards when i saw Dior, Jimmy Choo , DKNY and those other stores in Bicester Village.

If you guys have questions on these places that i've been to, don't hesitate to ask. Even though i'm not really an expert maybe i could share a few things from a kedekut-girl point-of-view. Hehe.


p/s: Pasni saye bercerite pasal Trip to Taman Negara dan MTV World Stage pulak ekkk?

3 comments on "July 2009 Memories: The Last Post (Seriously!)"
  1. kulihat stonehenge tu cam kecik je tapi dlm TV macam gabak...bagus teefa...berjalan laa lagi...kutumpang tengok gamba...sukeee...thanks jugak kasi award...anggap je aku pun kasi balik tp x dipost...terimelah...hehe...blogku itu blog mainan hati...ekekekekekekeke...

  2. aliza: haha.. award diterima.. sila bagi duit.. akan ku berjalan lagi.. huahua
    Mohd Idzwan a.k.a Mr Chenta: of course la u say i'm a good writer..i'm ur GF! :p


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