August 30, 2010


Like it or not, we have to admit that we are who we are because of the people in our life. Everybody who exists in our life somehow, are responsible for the way we behave, act, and think. We are happy, sad, depressed, angry, demotivated  and inspired by them. I’m not saying we’re 100% affected by people alone, but maybe the way we develop is 30% because of our friends and most importantly FAMILY.

As I grew up, I realized the importance of family. How lost I feel without them, how incomplete I feel if I don’t share a good news with them. And I must say the person I look up to is my grandmother, who we call WAN. She’s my Papa’s mum. Sangat Jawa oke!
Wan is a strong, incredible and selfless woman. She turns 89 this year. 89 years old and yet she can still cook, sew baju kurung, laugh at every single P. Ramlee movies, go shopping, and remember things that happened 50 years ago. How she does that and be 89, I don’t know.

 Us with Wan, Hari Raya 2009.

As i'm writing this, there are a few things about Wan that cross my mind:

1) She LOVES handbags. When I get home and yell “Wan!! Teefa beli handbag baru!!!” She’ll be like “Mana? Mana? Beli kat manaaa? Ade sale keeee?” But when I get home and yell “Wan!! Teefa beli kasut baru! Ade saleeee!” and she’ll frown and be like “Kasut baru lagi?? Buat apa kasut banyak-banyak? Sepah-sepah je.. Jangan beli kasut dah!”. So my conclusion is Handbags=Wan’s gene. Shoes=Mama’s gene.

2) She used to follow my aunt to London and lived there for a year so she can speak a little bit of English. But somehow her favorite phrase are "You're so stingy" "Are you hungry?" "Expensive lah!".
3) She's an excellent cook but as she ages, she lost appetite to eat her own cooking. So we always tapau for her. She has phases for favorite foods. Dulu suka KFC (she eats KFC every single day without fail), then suka satay pulak, now she craves for HONEYSTARS every single day.

4) She likes to shop. Mostly grocery shopping so every week we'll take her to the wet market or Carrefour. 

5) She's incredibly generous especially with her 3 favourite grandchildren (i am NOT one of them.. Sedih je).

6) Because she always watches TV with us girls, she has become a fan of Kimora, Giuliana Rancic,  The Kardashians, and Fran the Nanny!

7) Wan has fair skin, and small frame but somehow i inherited her nose (iyer, hidung Jawa yang penyek itu yang aku dapat!)
8) She likes the idea of eating out (that's why she tags along when Mr. Chenta and i kuar makan) but she NEVER finishes her food. Getting her to eat 7 out of 10 satay was my greatest accomplishment ever.

Wan is not getting any younger. Lately her health is declining. Yes, she can still cook, bake, walk, and shop but she's not as strong as before. i pray with all my heart that her health will improve. Saya mahu selalu dapat membebel dengan Wan di dapur, hear her laughter everytime Fran the Nanny does something funny, and walk around Carrefour with her. 

Oh happy time!

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