August 24, 2010

What to Wear To Work?

i don't know about you guys but this is the question i always ask myself every single night:


This question is always followed by frustrated grunts.

It's not easy being a woman you know. Kene fikir nak pakai baju ape, matching ngan kasut/tudung/brooch/handbag yang mana, rajin nak gosok ke tak.. 

My biggest problem is to iron the clothes. I HATE IRONING LIKE I HATE RUNNING MARATHON! So i try as much as possible to wear clothes that require  minimum effort to iron. Most of the time i stick to  knitted wear (don't require ironing but makes you lok fat), sleeveless with blazer (no ironing needed but you look too professional.. Plus panas la pakai blazer) and satin blouses (my favourite! Easy to iron and makes you look gooood!). i try to steer clear of cotton blouses as it's hard to smooth out the creases.

i promised myself i'm gonna buy a steam iron one of these days! The ones yang diorang pakai kat butik-butik tu. Macam senang je pakai!

Speaking of work clothes, i'm tired of mine. Seriously, aku dah lame gler tak shopping okay! It's hard to find what i like nowadays. Dah jumpa yang berkenan, harganya tak best lak.. Adoi laaaa... So i did what i can afford; online window shopping!! Here are some outfit that i assembled (and will definitely buy if i'm effing rich!):

Blue Baby
Top: Coast, Pants: John Lewis, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Ring: Dorothy Perkins, Watch: Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings: Miss Selfridge.

Red Delicious
Top: Michael Kors, Waterfall Cardigan: Karen Millen, Pants: Dabenhams, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Bag: Marc Jacobs 

Okay, okay.. i better stop now. Looking at all those gorgeous tops and dresses and shoes and bags online makes me wanna rob a bank and shop! Not good, not good...

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