August 2, 2010

July 2009 Memories: Liverpool & Manchester Road Trip!

Okay. This shall be the last post on July 2009 Memories series. Mesti uollss dah bosan dengar i membebel panjang kan? Haha.. Sorry if i bore you. Kalo tak suka sila baca post2 yang lain yeaaa..

Anyways, we decided to rent a car for our visit to Manchester, Liverpool, Bath and The Stonehenge. Why these places? Coz Mr. Chenta and Faiz wanted to make their friends jealous by visiting Manchester Utd and Liverpool stadiums (yeah, busok hati kan???), Bath for the feel of old English charm and the Stonehenge because i'm a geologist and i wanna see the rocks (padahal batu2 itew takde kaitan ngan geology pon. Haha). 

We rented a Peugeot 107 from a company called Alamo. It cost us GBP205 for 4 days 3 nights inclusive of insurance. The car is a bit small but comfy enough for the 4 of us. Hehe.

Chilling at Costa while waiting for our car. Sampai tertido cik abang saya!

Getting our car bebeh!

Off we go on a fine Friday afternoon. Terus menuju ke Manchester.

 Almost there, baby!

See how cute is this vintage Volkswagon?

Gorgeous scenery outside the window. Macam dalam TV!

Made a few stops at the Services (UK version of R&R kat tepi highway tu). Cantik R&R diorg.

 Entering City of Manchester

It took us a while to find our booked apartment as it wasn't in our GPS. After asking a few pedestrians and made a few phone calls we finally found it, The Blue Rainbow Apartment! Now this apartment is MARVELOUS! It's a two-bedroom apartment complete with living hall, dining table, and kitchen (with cooking utensils, plates and cutlery!) with sophisticated modern interior. Too bad we didn't really snap pictures of the apartment. Here are some:

The Blue Rainbow Apartment

Errr.. You can see the dining table, and a piece of the couch there.

Making breakfast for my 'family'.
i instantly feel at home in this kitchen! i'd die for those oven and stainless steel utensils!

We reached Manchester quite late. Itu belom campur kesesatan mencari apartment. Si driver pon kepenatan. Upon arriving we 'oohh-ing' and 'aahhh-ing' at the apartment then off we went to cari makan, sight-seeing around the city, and went to a hypermarket called Asda. Eventhough Asda is just a supermarket, i love it. Chocolate mousse yang sangat sedap hanya berharga 75pence for 4 cups ok! Gler murah.. Kat sini satu cup je dah RM3.50 kat Carrefour!

Esoknye baru lah kami keluar menengok-nengok the city. Memang wajib la gi Old Trafford stadium tuh kan? Selepas menengok ape yang patut, we made our way to Liverpool pulak. It took us around 1 hour on the road.

 Old Trafford!

Pegang pipi Rooney! Korang ade? Huaha

Not really a fan tapi tetap gedik!

Yeah, i was there.

Hasil shoppingan.

Goofing around the city

Grabbing some coffee

 Meneruskan perjalanan ke Liverpool

Anfield Stadium

Bengang sebab stadium itu sudah tutup! Berserah je la tengok dari luar..

Because we spent quite some time at Old Trafford and Manchester City, kami sampai agak lewat ke Liverpool. Anfield Stadium sudah tutup daaa... So we went sight seeing around the city. We ended up lepaking at The Albert Dock. Sangat cantik tempat itu. *memories rushing back into my head*

 Albert Dock

 One of the views at Albert Dock.
(Minah dua orang ni nak gak interframe kan??)

 Albert Dock without budak perempuan berdua itew!

Us with Sexy Harley

Ha Ha! Cool name for a bar ey?

The Beatles Museum.
Tutup jugak! Adoiiii..

Itu lah sedikit sebanyak tentang trip kami ke Manchester and Liverpool. Two days, one night, and four people. We had so much FUN! Here's how our spending looked like (for 4 pax):

Car rental: GBP205 (3 days usage)
Fuel: GBP100 (3 days usage)
Apartment: GBP80
Meals: GBP80
Tours: -

  Sayang.. Gi lagi jom??

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  1. Babe!!! I MISS THIS!!!

    OMG! And the apartment! Is to die forrr! Can't believe we spent more than an hour going aroung the same block without noticing the signs!
    Btw, gosh, that pics were ancient!!!



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