March 19, 2010

Setting Footprints in Singapore.

i went to Singapore last few weekends. Main objective is to catch Paramore live. Secondary objective is to jalan-jalan and getting to know the neighboring country coz i think the last time i set foot in Singapore was when i was 5..or was it 6?

Where we stayed?

At Fragrance Sapphire Hotel. We chose this area and hotel for its near distance to the Singapore Indoor Stadium and its cheapness (is there such word?) because i'm like super broke after my Krabi trip and buying stuff for the new house. To tell you the truth, the hotel is not a wise choice. Why? For a start, here’s a conversation between us and our taxi driver:

Uncle Taxi: You tinggal mana?
Me: Fragrance Sapphire Hotel, uncle.. itu Geylang sana..
Uncle Taxi: Hah?? Geylang ha? Why do choose Geylang? It’s your first time here and they advice you to go to Geylang?
Me: Umm.. becoz it’s near to the indoor stadium.. Why uncle? Is it too far? *freaking out about the taxi fee*
Uncle Taxi: No lorr.. It’s a red light area..
Chuna: *confused* Red-light area tu ape uncle? Banyak traffic light ke?
Uncle Taxi: *LOLed like nobody’s business* no laaa.. manyak itu perempuan malam-malam punyaaa..

Geylang= red-light area (similar to Red Light District, Holland). Geddit?

Chuna is so cute, asking that honest question :p

But yea, memang red light district la tempat tu.. Bapak ayam di mana-mana. Ayam-ayam nyer menyorok-nyorok.. malu-malu la kunun.. Before going to bed i will call Mr. Chenta and Apiz’ room, warning “Hey.. kalo ade orang ketuk pintu jangan bukak okeeee.. korang nak kene AIDS??”

Surprisingly the hotel rooms are clean and well decorated. A little bit small, but it’s enough for two people. OK for 2-nights stay. i also like the fact that there’s a 7-11 and Muslim restaurants nearby (ok, they’re actually mamak restaurants.. asalkan halal sudeyh). Senang nak breakfast and beli air, jajan, dan sebagainya.

Where did we set our footprints?

We only had 2 days to explore Singapore. In such a short time, we only managed to go to:

1.       City Hall area
2.       Orchard Road
3.       Bugis Street
4.       Sentosa Island
5.       And oh, Singapore Indoor Stadium

City Hall
Basically what we did was took the MRT from Kallang Station (the nearest station to our hotel) to City Hall MRT. i have to tell you, honestly, i was surprised to see their MRT system. The trains are so long and spacious (unlike those maximum four coaches we have in KL) and the stations are BIGGGG and clean and so KLIA-like. This is by far the best LRT/subway/tube/MRT system i’ve seen. Even the tubes in London and the Metros in Paris are far behind compared to Singapore’s MRT.

Okay, sorry! Lari topic jap. From City Hall station, we have easy access to a few shopping malls like Suntec City and Marina Square. Honestly i think we didn’t have to go to those malls as the walkways to the malls are full of shops itself. It’s like an underground shopping mall which is called Underlink City Mall.

Geylang Road

Seriously hotel begini wujud.


Balai bomba yang lawa

Sempat posing.

 i like this building. COLORFUL!

 There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

Clarke Quay
We dropped by at Clarke Quay to satisfy Chuna's hunger for adrenaline rush. She wanted to go on the extreme rides, ya'll!

Jaga pintu gerbang Clarke Quay

We were here!

Ini adalah reverse bungee jumping. Lupe la ape name dier yang sebenar.

Ini adalah reverse bungee jumping tahap extreme dimana konsepnya adalah bagaikan lastik. Dapat imagine tak?

Orchard Road
This is like Bukit Bintang for Malaysian except for the fact that they have more LV and Chanel stores! Seriously if i’m filthy rich, i’d ask my driver to stop at each and every malls they have lined up at Orchard Road and shop like nobody’s business. But i’m not filthy rich, and i have a concert to catch  so I just gazed at the designer boutiques from afar while waiting for Chuna and Apiz surveying cell phones.

Bugis Street
This place is like Petaling Street for Malaysian. Stalls everywhere selling souvenirs, clothes, fake bags, watches. As i was broke and couldn’t really afford to shop at Chanel (bluergh!) i bought a pair of shoes here at Bugis Street. They only cost me 10 Singapore dollar which is like RM24. Huhu. And i bought brand-less watches for my brothers. Jam dah stylo, nasib la takde tulis jenama Ah Chai ke Kang Kong ke kat jam tu. Kalau tak, face drop la i!

Sentosa Island
We were hoping to go to the brand new Universal Studios. With my luck, it's still closed (bummer!!). We ended going to the Sentosa Island theme park. There are 2 packages to choose from; Thrill package and Fun package. Thrill package offers extreme activities like mega flying fox (called Megazip Challenge), skyrides, Luge, mini bungee jumping (called Parajump), etc. You can choose 3 activities that you want. Fun package is suitable for family activities as it's more like visiting places (like Tiger Tower, and Merlion). We ended up chosing thrill package which costs $47/pax. Our package include Skyride+Luge, Megazip, and Parajump.

Sentosa Resorts/Universal Studios yang belum bukak
The famous Merlion

Siloso Beach

Riding on the Skyrides. Gayat okeee!

Bende alah ni adalah sangat best oke.. Ala-ala go-kart but without engine.

Megazip challenge (super duper huge flying fox).
 Getting ready to go.
Perjalanan tidak sah tanpa gambar lompat2 :p
We finished our Sentosa activities at 6.30pm and our flight's at 8.30pm. We rushed like hell to the airport. Masing-masing dah pucat muke takot tertinggal flight. Nasib baik sempat. Phewwwww!

As a conclusion, my Singapore trip was okay. i didn't enjoy it that much because 1) we had only 2 days to spend there. Tak cukup nak explore! 2) i was broke, couldn't shop and couldn't get on those reverse bungee jumping and lastik thingy. It was frustratinggggggg! 3) The weather was frigging hot!

i will be back in Singapore. More to explore!
3 comments on "Setting Footprints in Singapore."
  1. best gak laa g singapore neh...nnt nk g lagi...kene drive plak...sbb nk shopping pinggan mangkuk...ohh..yg reverse bungee tu name die G-Max kalu tak silap...

  2. owh ye? pinggan mangkok murah ek? tak perasan sbb tak smpat survey..LOLz..best2! nak jugak g lagik!

  3. cehhh! lu tak cite pon terserempak dgn gua!


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