March 11, 2010

It's Paramore, bebeh!!

i bragged in my Paramore Live in Singapore post that i’m gonna watch Paramore live in Singapore.. and hell yeah i did!

The show was awesome, awesome, AWESOME!! i can’t even express in words how AWESOME it was..

The journey to the world of paramore madness:

We took off from KLIA at about 10 pm and arrived at Changi Terminal 1 airport at around 11pm. i was cursing coz my bag strap was wet (and was stinking..euwww) when i picked it up from the conveyor belt and started walking towards the entrance when suddenly people around me started screaming like there’s no tomorrow. There, 20 meters from me i saw a group of white people with "Paramore crew" tags and was like “ooohh…that’s what started the screaming” when suddenly Mr. Chenta said “Bb, it’s PARAMORE!!!”

i was like “PARAMORE???”  and within split seconds, he took out our DSLR from his backpack, passed it to me, and i made a mad dash towards the group. And oh-my-gowddd I was instantly in the middle of Paramore crew and was walking next to Justin York (the temporary replacement of Josh farro) and a few meters ahead was their drummer, Zac Farro. i was BEYOND SPEECHLESS! Fans all around are chasing Justin and Zac for autographs and photos. i can’t exactly ask for autograph as i had no pens or paper so i snapped away with the camera, shaking, while trying to locate Hayley, the kick-ass hot vocalist. Sadly the security people whisk them away and all i got were blurred and urgent shots of Justin and Zac and a clear shot of the van that drove them away to the hotel. The saddest thing is no Hayley in sights!!! Argh! *frustrated* Really wished they’d stay and hangout because let’s face it, it’s not everyday we get to land at the same airport and breathe the same air as Paramore!

Back of Zac

Fine! i didn't have anything for you to sign on.


The van that took them away. Sobs!

Looking at these photos, i think i have paparazzi talent :p

As for the concert, IT WAS ULTRACOOL, AMAZING, AWESOME.. one of the best 1-hour in my entire existence! The crowd was so wild. People were pushing around, some fell, some cried,  but all of them were screaming for Paramore. i almost cried when i saw Hayley’s “carrot” mike on stage!!!

They kicked off the show with Ignorance, 12 other songs, and wrapped it with Brick by Boring Brick. Hayley was more energetic than 1000 Energizer bunnies combined, with her super powerful voice and ability to dance and jump to the music NON STOP. She really interacted with the crowd and kept saying things like “You’re the loudest crowd we’ve ever had”, “OMG you’re so cool, you guys!” and “we’ll definitely come back to Singapore- less than 5 years from now, we promise!” And she’s so cute and hot at the same time – with her “Minor Threat” t-shirt and leopard printed jeans and of course her trademark orange hair. i swear there was no boring moment that night. i didn’t even have a second to stop to catch a breath!

Waiting in line. We got this close to the door after 2 hours of waiting!


Them! Right there in front of my face!

This is the best shot we got.
Nyesal tak bawak DSLR coz the security people said no professional camera. Tapi ramai je bawak. Menyesal!!! 
And oh, Hayley's AH-MA-ZING!!

Shouting my head off!

i miss that backdrop already.

After effect.

i lost my right earring at the mosh pit and found it lying helplessly on the floor afterwards, totally out of shape!

To Paramore, you guys really rock my world! Next time please, please, PLEASE come to Kuala Lumpur. We Malaysians are dying to see you!

*oh, i'll tell you a bit about my Singapore trip later*
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