October 31, 2010

Teambuilding Yeay!

i always look forward to department's teambuilding.

This is the time when i get to see my colleagues, especially the bosses, let their guards down, let loose, chill and have fun. Working in an office full of geologist and engineers can sometimes be too much for us.

We went to Selesa Beach Resort in Port Dickson last few Mondays for this year's teambuilding. i had an ah-ma-zing time!!

Teambuilding is teambuilding lah kan? Unlike in previous years, we didn't have any KPI-related, job-updates briefing or presentations. Yay! i guess even the bosses are sick of those. What we had was Pure Fun, with capital 'P' and 'F'.

We had indoor and outdoors activities. The ones that i love most are beach soccer (hilang gian beb! Dah 3 tahun tak main beach soccer..), building sand castles, making and flying our own kites and of course, the grand finale Gala Night! But seriously, the little girl in me came out and went out of control when we built the sand castle and fly kites. i didn't give a damn to the fact that my pants is wet, my body is sweaty, my hair's a mess, my skin is burning and that i have sands in my mouth. i was out there, running around, laughing and jumping. Just savoring the moment.

 With our team's Wau Bulan.

And you know what the best part is? My team, the Peach Pirate team (yeah, lame name, but whatever..) won the overall challenge! Yay!!

We also have 'Durian Eating' session on the first night. i dont know why, but somehow aku yang memang benci gler durian ni ended up makan sampai 4 ulas that night! Kawan-kawan saya pon terheran. Heeeee!

Durian girls!

i didn't bring the camera all the time. So tak banyak la gambar.

We had a Gala Dinner on our last night. The theme was "Fairytale, Legends and Myths". Coolio eyh? Guess who i dress up as that night?








Err.. Can't guess?
i was Juliet!

Memang ramai yang tanya "Teefa what are you exactly? Which princess eh?". And i'll be like "i'm not a princess laa.. Don't even have crown. i'm Juliet. Juliet without her Romeo!"

Of course la i don't have a Romeo. Mr. Chenta wasn't there. Hehe. But i got this colleague who wore purple and his outfit kinda match mine:

Joker Romeo!
Why so serious?

Anyway, here are some photos from that night:

 Bersama Bos yang sporting!

 Genie, Robin Hood, Sorcerer, and Juliet

 The winning team, Peach Pirate!
Aye aye, Captain!

 With Hamim the Harry Potter

 Juliet, Dewi the Pregnant Angel, Chuna the Snow White and As the Puteri Kayangan.

 Kami jugak ade Pirate Girls, Witch, Grim Reaper, Hellboy, dan Permaisuri Raja Melaka.

Kesimpulannya, i LOVE teambuilding!


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