October 14, 2010


There are two physical difference between an almost-25-years-old Teefa and a 22-years-young Teefa.

Physical Difference #1 : Body Weight

March 2007
The slim 22-years-young Teefa.
i was 48kg.

September 2010
The a-few-inches-thicker Teefa at 25.
Don't ask about my weight.

Physical Difference #2 : Forehead Pimples

October 2007 
Almost no pimple on my forehead.

September 2010
Jerawat beranak pinak dengan jayanya terutama di dahi
*gambar tak clear. Dah low self-esteem sangat nak amek gambar (T_T)*

i am so stressed with my weight and skin right now.

No matter what i do, it's really hard (or never?) to get the body and skin i once have. Maybe it's because of the aging process. Or maybe dulu student, selalu tak cukup makan, keding lah jadinye. Belajar pon kat Sabah, no pollution so less pimple. Now dah keje, ade duit sendiri melantak je ape nak, and the skin is irritated by the pollution/aircond/stress. Tu lah begini jadinyer..


Any advice on what to do to get rid of these pimples? Makin menjadi-jadi kat dahi ni. Kalau pasal berat badan, saya tahu memang salah saya. Makan tak control, gi gym pon 2 kali je seminggu. Ini lah akibat.

1 comment on "Changes"
  1. teefa!!!2 benda ni jgk yg wat aku tensyen dr dlu!tak abes2 lg weihhhh....sumpah tak tawu nk buwek apo da.huhhh.=/


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