October 11, 2010

Forgetful (Doesn't Mean i Don't Remember)

Have you ever found yourself getting to a place with a purpose, but when you're there, you forgot why you are there?

Have you ever went to the pantry and back to your desk with a drink, but when you want to take a sip, you can't remember where exactly you put that drink? So you ended up going to the pantry again to look for the mug but it's not there and it's actually right there on your desk just beside the phone.

Or your things keep missing and you swear it's stolen and 3 days after that they're there, in your bag/closet/wallet/on the shelf.. And wonder "Ehh.. Did i put it there?"

And your friends/family need to constantly remind you to buy/bring/make/do things and yet you forget over and over again..

All of these (and more) constantly happen to me. i know i am forgetful but lately it's getting worse! i'm so scared that i'll lose every single memory and go senile. OMG what if i got Alzheimer's disease?? Okay, okay.. Maybe terbawak-bawak cerita A Moment To Remember. But still.. This forgetfulness is driving me mad!!

3 comments on "Forgetful (Doesn't Mean i Don't Remember)"
  1. liza: stress kah itu? adoiyaii.. tapi aku tak rase stress..
    zarith: mmg trend skang kot org senang nyanyok?


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