January 3, 2010

Hidden Passion

Looking at me, people never thought i could cook. Let alone think i LIKE to cook. Do i look THAT bimbotic?

i have to say i'm no Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson. i'm not an excellent cook, but i can cook. Nobody's ever throw up or pull a funny face or choke while eating my cooking. That's good right? Hehe.

Seeing that i have some time at home this weekend, i decided to cook for my brothers. This old skill needed some sharpening.

Ikan tilapia masak lemak cili api

Sotong goreng tepung (home-made tepung goreng okeee)

Kangkong goreng belacan

That was our lunch on New Year's Day.

i was hungry late at night so i made some sauteed mushroom with the limited ingredients i have at home. Hasilnya..

 Sauteed portobello mushroom. Sedap dicicah dengan roti.
(ok, it looks kinda yucky but it tasted good)

Itulah serba sedikit tentang hidden passion ku ini. It needs some sharpening. Loads more have to be learned.  i'm getting there. Baby steps, bebeh!

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