January 21, 2010

Oh Jimmy Choo!

Siapa tak kenal Jimmy Choo?

If you don't know Jimmy Choo, you must've been living in a hole for the past two decades :p

Ahh.. Jimmy Choo.

Delicious shoes, Gorgeous handbags. They make me drool.

Devilicious Quito

As much as i love the shoes and the bags i must admit that i don't own even one of them. Nada. My pockets are too empty for them. One day, i'll own at least a pair :)

With all of these gorgeous-ness, let's not forget the man behind it, Dato' Jimmy Choo himself:

Yeah.. That's Dato' Jimmy Choo and myself.
*huge grin*

Yes, i met the great man at KLIA, at the luggage carousel.Turned out we were on the same plane (London-Kuala Lumpur)! If i knew sooner, i'd search the whole aircraft for him. LOLz.

We talked a bit (i was embarrased by my sloppy appearance and so-not-Jimmy Choo flip flops.. Flight 12 jam okee) and naturally i was obviously excited. i babbled something like "Gosh, i totally ADORE your shoes!" and managed to stop before "Please,please give me a pair of your latest gorgeous heels!!!!! i'm begging youuuuuuuu".

Okay, saya memang over.

1 comment on "Oh Jimmy Choo!"
  1. la apsal tak mintak? dapat sepasang pom jadik. ada dalam beg dia tuuuh


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