January 17, 2010

This is Why i Hate The Scale..

..it showed that i gained 1 kg after my 1 week Labuan trip!

The scale is evil but i trust it anyway.

How the hell did that happen?

Well, i'll tell you how.

1) Seafood meals every freaking day. Our faces were stuffed with crabs, prawns, fishes, baby lobsters.. *Cholestrol and fat alert* Thank God we managed to find chicken rice and KFC on our last two nights.

2) Chocolates. Labuan being duty free and all.

3) No exercise. The hotel closed their swimming pool for 3 freaking days. Hancur harapan untuk berenang sambil membuang lemak. Nak pegi gym, kasut tak bawak.

Isk.. Looks like i have to hit the gym more often. Shaf and Chuna have recently joined Fitness First. Now that i have my workout buddies, there's no reason for slacking.

Girls, if i refuse to go, please smack me in the ass!!

Homaigowd i want her body
i probably have to starve, muntah darah, workout 24/7 at the gym to have a body like this.
Megan Fox, i heart you!

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