May 22, 2010

Not Feeling Well

Finally i get to blog! Still no Streamyx connection at home cause apparently TM is installing high speed wire thingy in my area. Pchfttttt!

Anyway, i got sick last Thursday. Sick with utterly crazy diarrhea!

i went to work fine that morning. Then i had serious pain in the abdomen. The usus-tersimpul-berpusing2-filled-with-acid kind of pain. Followed by 4 times visit to the one hour time!

Then i went to the doctor (dengan bersusah-payahnya.. i swear i walked like a lady about to give birth) and got a shot!

 My poor arm got shot by the doctor.
Perot yang sakit, tangan kene cucuk!

At home, i fed on Bubur Aayam McD and repeated a routine of trying to sleep-toilet-sleep-toilet-trying to sleep-toilet. Exhausting. It drove me mad! The tummy pain is so intense that i was convinced it was colon cancer! Not to mention being nausea-ish :(

Me: Bb.. what is this pain? Tak pernah sakit camni.. Do u think i have colon cancer? Oh Godddddd...
Mr. Chenta: Are you out of your mind? Baru cirit-birit sekali dah kene colon cancer? Drama queen lah you!

Anyway, the diarrhea was gone by 6pm but only to be replaced with fever. This time i was convinced i have H1N1. Thankfully after taking some meds, the fever's gone. Then i got a why-are-you-paranoid-it's-just-diarrhea-and-normal-fever-don't-say-bad-things-nanti-betul-jadi-baru-tau lecture from Mr. Chenta. Adoiii..

It was concluded that 1) the diarrhea was caused by extra kerang in mihun kari that i had for lunch on Wednesday (ugh.. i'm not gonna eat any kerang anytime soon!); 2) Diarrhea will dehydrate you, which is why  fever is common in diarrhea. Superhydrate yourself when have diarrhea to avoid fever (and worse, fatality!)
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