May 15, 2010


Mr. Chenta and i are two completely different person. 4 years of relationship and we still have so little in common.

i love reading but he loathes it. i love fashion and he only wears short khakis and t-shirt. i'm IT illaterate but he's superb at it. He plays various musical instruments but i can't even sing in tune. i love being active and he wouldn't move a muscle.

Hehe. We couldn't be more different. The only things we have in common are the love for good food, movies and ogling at hot chics.

In a way, this difference works fine for us. In fact, it's good. Mesti lah bosan kan kalau semua pon same je.

Recently, we discovered paintball and tadaaaaa!!! We both love it!

So far we only went twice and both times at Bukit Tempur, Hulu Langat. In Bukit Tempur they have 5 (if I’m not mistaken) battlefields. Battlefields dalam hutan, battlefield open space (yang ade banyak2 bunker tuh), and battlefield yang ade pondok ala-ala Bukit Kepong.. First time and first game we went, kami adalah seperti anak ayam yang diburu oleh musang. Lari bertempiaran dan menyorok di belakang pokok/semak samun. Memang tak menembak langsung. Culture shock kejap. Dah name pon first time kan. Round two tu baru lah berani. Biler pegi second time memang kamikaze lah. Mak siap merangkak, menonggeng, dan meniarap nyahhh.. Kelassss gitew! Kalah Angelina Jolie dalam cter Wanted.

Nah, enjoy our piccas (yes, Bukit Tempur memang menyediakan photographer tersendiri everytime ade game):

 Getting ready.. Pkai harness, pilih pistol..

Menuju medan perang..

Mr. Chenta. Shoot 'em to kill 'em!

Err.. Main nyorok-nyorok..

Kem Bukit Kepong (konon laa)

Goofing around.

Happy shooters!

 Kawan-kawan.. Kalo berminat nak main paintball camni ajak la saye. Huhu.

For more info on Bukit Tempur, do visit their webbie at
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