November 20, 2009

In Case of Emergency...

Lately there are tons of earthquake events around us. All of our neighboring countries have history of earthquake. It's not impossible for Malaysia to experience this (Nau'zubillah *knock on wood*).

Taking this into account, last Wednesday, the building where i work went through an earthquake drill. It's a safety measure the management took to train us on the evacuation process. Basically it means you have to take the emergency staircase and go all the way down to save yourself. If you're working on the 80th floor, silalah turun melalui tangga itu sebanyak 80 tingkat. Ha! Luckily i work on the 28th floor.

Being the smart, sensible career woman that i am, upon hearing the siren i removed my 5-inch pumps, slip on a flat sandal and walk calmly to the emergency staircase.

And being the bimbo that i am, i put on sufficient amount of lipgloss, grabbed my handbag and start taking pictures while going down the stairs. Precious moments.

Enjoy the piccas!

Running for our lives.

Pretending to run for my life

Shit.. Baru tingkat 10?
*at this point segala tulang-tulang di lutut terasa longgar dan bergetar-getar*

We're finally out!!
*seperti sekawan semut berjalan beramai-ramai menuju ke destinasi selamat*

People making their way to the evacuation place

Feet of "survivors"
*our knees were shaking so hard we began to think that there's a real earthquake*

All in all, it's a good practice training us on the evacuation process. Now i know where to run to in case of earthquake (though i surely will run back home to save my loved ones rather than go to the assembly point and wait for them to head count).

The down side is i suffer calf muscle cramp! I can't walk properly and it's emberassing! Turun 28 tingkat okee!
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