November 30, 2009

My Sacrifice

Last Thursday Linda and i went jalan2 at Suria KLCC. And then i saw it.

Marc Jacobs.




In we went. Immediately my gaze fell on the goddess of all Marc Jacobs bags. She's magnificent. Resting on the shelf, surrounded by her dayang-dayang. She's so inviting, calling me softly. i went to her. i touched her. She's delicate in my hands. Instantly i can see myself with her. Carrying her around. i feel like a rocker goddess already.

Out of nowhere a sales assistant appear. "Miss, got discount on this one.. 40%. Original price is RM7500 almost RM8000, after discount the price is about RM5000... "

OMG.. discount? OMG..
i can't breathe.
i'm hyperventilating.
i'm bursting.

i can afford this!!!
Yeah, it'll leave a massive hole in my account.
But it'll be worth it right???
My very first designer bag!
But you have a house to furnish...
Yeah but it's on 40% discount...
But you saved the money for your very own, pay-with-your-sweat house!
Yeah.. Well, that was before i saw this bag!!!
But your house is much more important than this handbag lust!!!!!!

Before i could argue more with myself, Linda dragged me out.

She told me to think about it. Don't buy now. 10 other people told me to think about it. Don't buy on impulse.

Yes. My house needs furnishing more than i need the handbag. So, broken-heartedly, i sacrifice my Marc Jacobs for a fully-furnished Villa Wangsamas. It'll be worth it. i know.

So, instead of this beautiful baby..

Studded Stam Satchel by marc Jacobs

i got myself this equally gorgeous but a lot cheaper baby:

Quilted flapper bag by Charles & Keith

Thanks Linda and the others (you know who you are) for introducing my brain to my handbag-lust heart. My fully-furnished house owes you one :p
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