November 12, 2009

For a Couple of Days

i rarely hang out with my friends after work. It's not that i don't want to, it's just that i'll be waaaaayyyy to tired to lepak. i'd rather go home, mandi, menghadap laptop for a couple of hours, and SLEEP. That's my routine.

Not yesterday. And not today.

Yesterday i lepak with my friend, Nani. Nani is a girl i've known since primary school. We werent exactly friends in primary school, but we got along well when we're thrown in the same class in form 4. When we finished school, we went our separate way. Me, Malacca Matriculation College. Her, Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College. Me, UMS. Her, UTM. Through it all, we're still friends.

So anyway, yesterday we hung out. We had a blast.

First stop: Sakae Sushi!!!

Sangat gelojoh.

Gelojoh bwat2 comel

Eating like a pig? Guilty!

Dengan chopstick2 tu pon dier nak makan!

After stuffing our faces and big tummies with yummy Japanese food, we watched Pisau Cukur!!! My second time okee.... i like the movie. Malay version of Legally Blonde. Mereka sangat lah gediks. They make gedik-ness look so chic!


There, i said it!

*trying not to think of Aaron*

Moving on...

Today i was so stressed by work that i decided i need to shop for makeup. Suddenly i have a fetish for foundation. i never had one. It's about time, right? GOTTA HAVE IT.

i dragged Chuna with me and off we went, hunting for the perfect foundation. We found ourselves at Bobbi Brown's counter. GOTTA HAVE IT.


Make me pretty, please!!!

While i was busy trying things and being made up, Chuna was busy doing this:

Cam whoring!!
i should have known.

The outcome: Tidak la jugak aku flawless. But i like the fact that the foundation looks natural on my skin.
Yes, i bought it!

After we're done playing Barbie, we dashed into Hafiz's waiting car. A little bit about Hafiz: He's a good friend of mine. My driver. My gossip buddy. My karaoke buddy. My whining buddy. My hot-chick-watching buddy. He's like a gay friend except for the fact that he's not gay. He's 100% straight. But he's like, gay., but not gay. OK, whatever.

As i am car-less at the moment, i asked him nicely to drive me to my tailor to get my newly altered baju kebaya. When we dropped Chuna at the Putra station, my eyes saw a steamboat stall. A real steamboat stall with bercucuk-cucuk yummy-looking steamboat. Yayyy! We singgah at the stall and enjoy the joy of tepi-jalan delicacies. Priceless.

The joy of eating hawker food.

Happy tummies = Happy faces!

Okay, mata saya sudah mengantuk. Nanite!
1 comment on "For a Couple of Days"
  1. uiihh..bobbi brown punya foundation looks soo natural la. but there's something wrong with the lipstick shades i guess.

    nak jugaklah foundation!!

    btw. letak jugak gamba huduh saya huhu..


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