November 3, 2009

Giant Feet

If there is one thing I REALLY hate about my body, it’ll be my size 9 (sometimes 10) feet.

Seriously. I have superhuge feet for a 157cm tall girl.

It’s embarrassing. Really.

Here are some proof:

Miss A:  Hey… lawanye kasut..tinggi la..tak sakit kaki ke?
Me:       *grinned sheepishly*  Tak saket la.. Oke je pakai..
Miss A:  Meh sini.. aku nak try.. *put on shoes*gasp* Ehhhhh…Besar nye kasut ko.. Saiz brape ni???
Me:       *hot in the face*  Um… Size 9…
Miss A:   OMG! Seriously? Ko tak la tinggi sangat.. Besar nye kakiiiiiii!!
Me:       *almost die*


Mr. A:   OMG nyahhh… Hot la kasut ko…Meh aku nak try..*dash for my shoes*
Me:       *watch helplessly.. but hey.. no way he’ll fit in my shoes*
Mr. A:   Ehhhhh…aku muat la kasut ko! Saiz brape ni?
Me:      *gap in horror* Saiz 9…Umm.. Nanti longgar la ko pakai weh…
Mr. A:   Tak la nyah… Kite same size la.. Aku pakai ni pon longgar haa…*giggles* boleh la aku
              catwalk      *began catwalking*
Me:      *close to tears*

Seriously… dude can fit AND catwalk in my shoes?

I don't know from where this giant feet gene comes from.. From my observation, none of my other family members have feet as giant as mine.

Most of the time, I don't mind about the size.. They're just feet right? *try menyedapkan hati*
But it does bother me when i can't find the right shoe size.. Size 8 is too small, and size 9 is too big. Or size 9 is too small, and size 10 is too big. Andddd.... the look on the salesperson face when i ask for a size 10 pump. Priceless.

In the end, i'm just thankful i have feet. To think of it, some people don't right? *bersyukur*

My giant, vine-y foot.

Socked feet are happy feet!

1 comment on "Giant Feet"
  1. x pe teefa.....yg penting aku x bleh pinjam kasut ko...hehe. ape2 pon ure the best babe ;)


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