November 28, 2009

OwhMyGod i Miss Them!!!

Ku bersendirian di kamar ku ini sambil menggodek-godek komputer riba ku.. Tiba-tiba terserempak pulak dengan folder-folder yang penuh dengan gambar best friends ku.. Semakin ku tenung potret-potret ini, semakin sebak rasanya dada ini..


My besties..

i F-ing miss u girls!!!!!

You're the ones i turn to when i feel miserable

Miss our tak-la-slalu-sangat pillow fights

Rogol-merogol perkara biasa.. Hahahaha

Gosh... Miss our sleepovers and bedtime tales

Remember this? At the airport before flying off to Bandung

 Being jakun at the "parkir" word

 Yeah.. Kaki aku yang paling besar dan buruk

 Cam whoring is what we do best

i make the best bitch face

Hell yeah i look the bitchiest among us three

 Shaq makes the best gedikest buddy

 Shaf is the sensible one

 i just miss you girls

Okay.. i better stop before i get into uncontrolable sobs.
Shaq, please come home soon. Malaysia misses you.
Shaf, let's find time to spend. Time seems to envy us huh?

OK bye. i need my pillows to cry to.

2 comments on "OwhMyGod i Miss Them!!!"
  1. awwww. i feel like crying too! omg.. true. time seems to envy us.. :(( i can't believe we have come this far... i'm glad to have u girls by my side in both good and bad times.. <3 <3 love yousss!!

  2. yea babe..
    though we're busy with our life and like, far away from each other, i still have the feelings that i can count on you guys no matter what..


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