November 10, 2009

Chinese Lesson

Mr. Chenta is taking Mandarin course this semester.

He's like an excited 5-year-old boy who goes to school for the first time and so eager to learn EVERYTHING! Almost too cute.

As i took Mandarin course for 4 semesters in uni, i kinda know how to speak it. My darling baby is soooo taking advantage of this, treating me like his personal tutor.

Last week, he came to me "Bb, i have Mandarin oral test tomorrow. Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me in Mandarin!!"

So there we were, him trying so hard to pronounce it right, me laughing my ass off, he's scratching his head in confusion, me rolling on the floor laughing. He's like "Bb!! Serious la sikit.." or "Hey... Betul la.. Camtu la pronounce dier"

Then i asked him to read from the text book. To listen and correct his pronouncation. Boy, i swear he's practically shouting.. all the while i was right next to him!

Me: Bb, cakap slow-slow sikit la.. Gurl kat sebelah je ni kan..
Him: Tapi bb... Orang cina memang cakap camni la.. Diorang kan memang cakap kuat-kuat..
Me: But i'm right next to you! Bukan 20 meters away!
Him: Memang la.. But i want to be good at this, so i have to act like them.. Kene cakap kuat-kuat.
Me: But you sound like Maharaja Cina yang sakit gigi!!

i have to say, it's not really easy for us Malays to pronounce the Chinese words right. Terbelit-belit lidah oke.. Back then when i was learning and eager like my Mr. Chinese Emperor, i thought i was saying it right. Now i understand why my Chinese-speaking friends (Shaq and Ain), laughed like there's no tomorrow when they're teaching me. i must've sounded like my Mr. Chinese Emperor. Hurmpf!

Anyway, for the whole one hour Mandarin lesson, we laughed more than he actually learning/me actually teaching. In the end, i asked him to learn from YouTube (my God, they have LOADS of those language teaching videos). i pretended to read (and shaking with silent laughter) while he's shouting the Chinese words confidently.

Since he started this Mandarin course a few month ago, he always send me text messages like these: 

 Translation: You're so pretty
(haha.. yeah, right bb!)

Translation: How are you! I love you!
(notice the exclamation marks? i can imagine his Chinese Emperor voice. Hahahaha)

He's my very own joker. i laugh a lot more when i'm with him. i don't know what i'd do without him.
4 comments on "Chinese Lesson"
  1. allallalalalalalaaaa!!

  2. See i told you! I certainly did not purposely laughed at your pronunciations. Just that it's unbeareable to quench!!!HAHA!

  3. zarith: bler happy mmg la comel..kalo time gadoh kitorg jadi godzilla oke..haha
    shaf: alalalala..
    shaq: omg!! haha.. now i understand how u felt babe.. hahaha..can't forget those early days huh? even skang pon i cakap still tak btol (just that i wont admit to bob).hahaha


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