November 9, 2009

Child Abuse

It’s unbelievable the way people behave these days.

I stumbled into this piece of news:

It makes me sad, angry, and furious.

In this another child abuse news, a woman not only abuse her stepdaughter repeatedly, she threw her own 9-month-old son into a pond nearby her house. Talk about psycho!

It is reported that she has been abusing her 4-year-old daughter repeatedly for the last 9 months (gigit, pijak badan budak tu, and latest – bantai sampai patah bahu/lengan).

Seriously, what happened to people these days? What are they thinking? Dera budak, sexually abuse budak, buang budak.. Don’t they have hearts? Those are children! Innocent, vulnerable children. They need protection, attention. They need to be LOVED! Not to be hit, threw around, punched, and definitely not a sexually disposable object. It shouldn't hurt to be a child.

It breaks my heart.

Sometimes I wonder, why do these psychopath people blessed with children while many other loving, hopeful couples out there desperately love and want children but unable to conceive. Why oh why?

Yes, maybe I can’t say anything yet because I’m not a mom. But I can differentiate between punishing children as a mean to teach them and downright abuse them. Nau'zubillah.

Seriously, throwing your own son into a fish pond???

I really hope people like this gets heavy, out-of-this-worldly punishment(s). There's no excuse for child abuse.

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