November 8, 2009

Si Gemok dan Si Kurus

i believe that every single woman in this world is concerned about their weight. Concerned, if not obsessed.

Just look at all means of weight loss products and services available nowadays; diet pills, slimming corsets, liposuction, gym membership, diet drinks, slimming programs, exercise machines..

i admit, i am one of those concerned (if not obsessive) women.

i measure my weight on weekly basis. i measure the inches on my body on days that i feel overly fat and perasan-ly thin.

i have to admit, i gained a few (significant!) kgs in the last 2 years. i really blame it on growing up and being employed. In my university years , i was kinda thin that friends and family were confident that i'm aneroxic (d-uhh!).

Buttttt..... As soon as i started working, badan ini bagaikan dipam-pam! Ye laa.. dah ade duit sdiri, makan pon ikot suke laa.. And it doesn't help when they serve buffet on company trips/bussiness courses. Hurmpff!

It's not that i hate my body now.. i kinda like my curve. But a few inches off  the tummy could REALLY help!


In the past few weeks, i've been receiving positive comments about my weight. People that i havent seen in a long time and suddenly terserempak would say things like:

"Hey.. awak dah kurus laa"
"Babe, i don't know why but you definitely look slimmer"
"Teefa...have u lost weight?"
"Haritu kan.. ko pakai seluar ni macam ketat.. Sekarang longgar gler".

Hehe.. I don't know if they're trying to be nice or what but these comments really make my days. It makes me determined to try to maintain (if not lose) weight.

Sampai lahhhh satu hari ni (today to be exact)... i went to my Grand's house in Damansara. Atok looked at me with extra scruitinized eyes and say " Teefa, ko dah GEMOK la.. Kenape tibe-tibe GEMOK ni?"

i was like *panic* "Ye ke?? Mane ade la tokkk"

He went like " Ye laa.. Ko ni, jaga lah badan.. Nanti muda2 dah GEMOK.. Ko tak tau ke macam-macam penyakit sekarang ni.. bla.. bla.. bla.. Pegi la exercise.. bla.. bla.. bla.. Jaga makan.. bla.. bla.. bla.. At least gi skipping.. bla.. bla.. bla.." and went on babbling about weight management, illnesses, cholestrol, bla.. bla.. bla.

i was practically sobbing inside. Aku dah GEMOK balik ke? Tapi baru tadi Angah cakap aku dah kurus.. More sobs inside.

Bottom line is, fat and thin is a really subjective matter. Well, at least in my case. i can be slim in some people's eyes and fat in other people's eyes (in mine and Atok's eyes). i find it really hard to satisfy myself, let alone satisfying everybody else.

Seriously... AKU DAH GEMOK BALIK???????

i don't wanna be like this!!
*random picture from Flickr*

But i don't wanna be like this either!

Fat and slim me.
3 comments on "Si Gemok dan Si Kurus"
  1. haihh..bersyukurlah semua jenis baju pun ko muat pakai..

  2. alololo...
    tiada niat menyinggung sesiapa..
    i'm sure u'll lose weight in no time..
    kalo dah usaha, mesti ade good result kan?

  3. betul tu... it is very subjective...
    dont worry teefa dah kurus cuma tang perut je kene lagi sket kurang =P


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