September 22, 2009

Tentang Seseorang...

i have a boyfriend.. yes, i do! We've been together for almost three years now. We've had eyes for each other since we were little, but we kept it to ourselves. Till one day, we came clean about this feelings we have for each other.

That day was the best day of my life.

In this entry, i'll tell you about him, Mr. Chenta...

*people call him Bob.
*he's not what u call a HOT GUY but he's my hot guy.
*we're of the same age.
*currently he's still studying..insyaAllah will finish next year..
*extremely talented in music - plays guitar, bass, drum, piano, keyboard, a lil' bit of violin.. suare je kureng sedap.
*a fast learner (tapi smpai skang tak tau masak.. heh)
*rajin buat kerja2 rumah (when he feels like it)
*suke tido.
*suke mengutuk aku, sangat suke gelakkan aku :p
*quite a handy man - can fix plumbing problems, car problems, IT problems, bertukang pon pandai..
*sometimes he can be so clueless dalam hal-hal menjaga hati perempuan (ahem..jage hati aku la)
*he's not our typical dream guy - he's not heart-breakingly handsome, not rich, not insanely romantic, not entirely cool..
*but he's exactly what i need in a man - loving, funny, not too possessive, dependable, penyabar, protective, caring, good-looking..
*we compliment each other in character - i'm talkative, he's quiet. i'm adventurous he's a chicken. i'm kelam kabut, he's calm. i'm a big spender, he's a saver. i play sport, he doesn't. i'm friendly, he's shy. i'm hot, he's not (haha!).. Because of this, i feel inbalance without him.
*there are times when i just want to kill him, but i know all the time that i can't live without him.
*he makes me happy, makes me a better person.

Isk... Dah la.. Makin lame cakap pasal dier makin emo lak aku.. Bottom line is, my life is more meaningful now that i have him.

Please pray that we'll be hitched soon. Skang aku tak saba nak ade baby plak.. hihihi.. GATAL!!

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