September 15, 2009

...and the babbling begins...

You must be wondering Why the hell am i reading this girl's blog?? Well, maybe u'r bored and need someone to spy on! No worries.. i'll be as entertaining as i could.. but i'm new, so sila tunjuk ajar!!

Some facts about me:
  • a 24-years-young girl who's simple yet complicated
  • born, raised n live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • is single but totally not available
  • is currently working in Oil & Gas industry
  • likes to read, travel, shop, cook, chillex... and oh, BABBLE!
  • is not a princess, but a wannabe princess.. :p
  • is trying to figure herself and life out..
That's all i need to reveal now.. more to come.. huhu..

*come on.....a round of applause please!! THANK YOU!!*
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