September 26, 2009

9 Signs a Guy is a Keeper

i'm bored to the bones.

it's Friday nite and i don't have anything better to do. And then i stumbled into this interesting articles in Yahoo!

Dating Tips: 9 Signs a Guy Is a Keeper

#1. Keeper clue: He has his act together.
This seems like a no-brainer, but it's a good place to start. "It's very important that you two be able to have a lot of fun together, so a party boy or a screw-up will probably not work out for you," says Mira Kirshenbaum, a family and couples therapist and author of Is He Mr. Right? "No matter how charming he is, if he is still struggling to grow up, it will get very old, very fast."

-i agree on this one. Party Boys and Bad Boys are delish to look at, but not my choice for a lifetime companion

#2. Keeper clue: He puts you first.
Picture a delicious platter of grilled steak. Does your man offer it to you first to pick the best piece? He does if he's a keeper! "When it comes to taking the best piece of meat or offering it to you, that's a metaphor for how he'd always put you first the rest of your life," says Rachel Greenwald, author of "Why He Didn't Call You Back: 1,000 Guys Reveal What They Really Thought of You After Your Date."

-hehe.. this is kinda true..but don't u think it's too much if your guy offers u the best piece of meat all the time?

#3. Keeper clue: He's not afraid of your germs.
You know a guy is really into you when he can't stay away, even when you're bedridden and snotty. "When you're sick with the flu, he says, 'Let me come over and take care of you,' rather than, 'Oooh, you sound really contagious... call me when you're feeling better,'" Greenwald says.

-sweet! My favourite so far.. i mean, he must've really LOVES u when he can't stay away even when u look grossest/sickest/ugliest right?

#4. Keeper clue: He's a family man.
He asks about your family, and he seems to genuinely want to hear about them. "Interest in your family shows that he thinks about you as a whole person, and he knows that being with you means understanding and accepting your relatives too," says Sarah Harrison, senior editor of

-Right-o... but beware if he asks TOO much about ur hot sister.

#5. Keeper clue: He makes time for your friends.
In the beginning of your relationship, does your man show an interest in meeting your besties? And does he follow it up with a plan, like hosting a low-key dinner party? "Friends are an important part of your life, and his knowing them makes him more involved with you." Harrison says. "Plus, he'll have to deal with them at some point, so initiating it himself shows maturity."

-For me, being my boyfriend means u have to be my best friend first. As a bestfriend, u have to get along with my other best friends (or at least pretend to. For my sake!)

#6. Keeper clue: He's your biggest cheerleader.
When your guy calls your mom to tell her about your promotion before you do, that should tell you something. A man who is supportive of you and your goals is typically a guy who doesn't "feel threatened by your success," says Kirshenbaum. "He knows who he is and where he's going," which means he can ultimately be there for you.

-What's the point of having a bf who couldnt cheer us up?

#7. Keeper clue: He remembers the little things.
Does your man really listen to you? You'll know he's a keeper if you tell him you have a big scary work meeting and the next time you talk, he asks how it went. Or if you tell him you left your sunglasses at his house and he remembers them on your next date. "Following up on things you say to him means he pays attention to you -- always a good sign," Harrison says.

-Harus lah! Memang tak berguna lah aku meluahkan segala kekusutan/kebimbangan/ke-nervous-an kat bf ku itu kalo dier tak dengar n tak pedulik..

#8. Keeper clue: He's happy when you're happy.
This is the guy who "goes to a chick flick with you on Friday night rather than an action film -- not because he actually wants to, but because it makes you happy," says Greenwald.

-Sweet jugak!

#9. Keeper clue: He makes you the best you can be.
A guy who makes you feel like the luckiest woman alive -- like you can (and should!) be your confident, fabulous self -- is worth hanging on to. "It's not just about how you feel about him but more about how he makes you feel about yourself," Kirshenbaum says.

-Totally agree. When he makes u a better person than u were before, he's definitely a keeper!

Source: Yahoo! Personal

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