September 15, 2009


It was close to 7pm, 11/9/09.. i was getting ready for buka puasa when suddenly i got a phone call. It was Nik, my brother's gf.. she was crying hysterically and i was like what??? When she's a bit calm she said the dreadful 2 words "Faizal accident!" then it's MY turn to cry hysterically... mmg giler meroyan lah aku... after a short conversation of how, when, and where, we hung up and i called my brother. His friend picked up. After more of how, when, where, how, where, the conversation ended.. i called En. Chenta and he'll pick me up to go see Faizal.

Here's a time-o-logy of what happened:

9.30pm : En. Chenta sampai
10.00pm: Bertolak to Putrajaya to get Nik
10.30pm: Dah amek Nik, go straight to Seremban
11.15pm : Reached Hospital Seremban
11.20pm : Saw Faizal.. God, he looks dreadful.. he's sitting on a wheel chair, kaki kanan
bersimen, huge, HUGE cuts are covering his right arm and legs, various cuts on tapak
tangan and jari.. His gloomy expression is what killed me most
12.00am: The doctor told us he could go home, no need to be warded. The hospital people
brought him to Port Dickson Hospital (coz he was first admitted there ).. Personally
i think this is bullshit.. Ape la salahnye balik je teros from's a hassle to
patah balik to PD.
12.30am: Reached PD.. get him and off we go.. kene bwat report polis pulak..
12.45am: Sampai kat Balai Polis Telok Kemang.. apparently we cant lodge a report coz it's not a
police traffic office.. what the heck??? u'r still police right??
12.50am: Menggagau cari polis traffic nyer balai
1. 20am : Finally jumpe!!
2.40 am: Went out of the police station..i swear to u they'r inefficient!!! First of all dier perli2 aku sbb tak dtg awal (right after accident) Hell-ooooo!! are u stupid or what? org tgh saket dengan tulang retak,ko ingat aku terfikir ke nak g balai polis trus?? And the police officer yg lodge report tu adalah pakcik yg agak berumur (most prolly almost 60).. dont get me wrong, he's the only nice officer there but he's SLOW!! nak menaip kene cari satu-satu alphabet.. itu blom lagi nak mengarang ayat berbunga2.. adoi laaa...nasib baik ko baik ati pakcik.. kalo tak sewajibnya aku mengamuk di situ..
3.30 am: Went to get something to eat.. my brother n his friend blom makan since they were sent to the hospital..and they were fasting before that.. hangin aku bler tau mcm ni ropenye hospital kerajaan..
4.20 am: We made a move... to Beranang to send my brother's friend yg retak di tangan.. i thought Beranang is somewhere nearby Nilai ke Senawang ke..rupenyer kene ikot jalan kampong yg dalam... adoi laa... time tu tuhan je tau betapa mengantok nye kitorg.. nasib baik En. Chenta ku seorang yg gagah perkasa.. dier yg drive..
5.30 am: Finally sampai umah!!

Kesimpulannya.. if u encounter any kind of road accident:
1) Call for help. Ambulance, police, family members, friends, insurance company, etc.. u'll need them.
2) Check if u have any injuries/pain
3) If u have minor injury, try to get around and check the 'crime scene'.. take pictures of the location n vehicle. If u'r unable get someone to do it. You'll need it for police report.
4) Go the nearest hospital/clinic. Preferably private ones as the public hospital will take AGES to treat u.
5) Lodge a police report. Or get someone to do it. Remember to go straight to Balai Polis Trafik, not the general Balai Polis as they'll turn u down n u'll be pissed, in pain and PISSED!
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