September 21, 2009

Mau shopping tapi.....


ok...i got a confession: i really, really wanna shop but i'm BROKE. not flat broke... duit tu mmg ade but takot tak cukup plak smpai next gaji...

i'm broke...


i wanna shop but the things that i want are not exactly cheap u know.. contohnya.....

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Perfume - Lil' Angel

i like fruity-sweet perfume like this one.. the scent is made of Juicy Rasberry, Lush Pear Blossom and Warm Hinoki Woods.. even the ingredients sound yummy! it's not THAT expensive.. RM150++ for 30ml.. but i've got like 4 bottles of perfume.. hurmmm

Stam by Marc Jacobs

*Drool* i've been eyeing this since forever... everytime i pass by Marc Jacob's in KLCC i practically die...

Macbook Pro

i want this.... i dont have any reason to buy it. it's just pure LUST!

Versace Embellished Cut-Out Heel

this is TO DIE FOR!!
actually i don't really like this one.. i saw a Versace embellished heels in other design n i really would die for that one.. but sadly when i search the net for my dream shoes, it's nowhere to be found.. it's ok.. i'll happily settle with this
*more drool*

Huh... semakin lama, makin mahal la plak barang2 wish list aku nih.. the perfume and macbook insyaAllah ade rezeki sure dapat.. as for the bag n delicious heels kene la aku berangan je dulu.. hurm!

2 comments on "Mau shopping tapi....."
  1. gile nice beg marc jacobs tu!!!
    merah lagi? hehe. nine west ko tu pon merah.
    btw, mmg WAJIB beli macbook pro tu dowh.
    tak rugi :)

  2. haha..marc jacobs tu pink la babe..n yes nine west aku tu pon pink gak..tak terperasan lak aku..
    adalah wajib aku membeli macbook pro itew...barulah hayley ade kawan ;)


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