January 10, 2015

6.5 Months

Yup, my pregnancy has hit the 6-month milestone.

Poor baby #2. Not much is updated this time around. Maybe it's true what they say, pregnancy/baby #1 you're so excited at becoming a mother/parent that you record all about the journey. Come pregnancy #2, #3 and so on, you'll be like, meh.

But, baby, mama loves you just as much.


Alhamdulillah, this time around, i only had a month of vomitting, nausea and morning/evening sickness. Entering second trimester i found myself sickness-free. Totally different with pregnancy#1; i didn't have appetite, vomit-fest and nausea up until the fifth (or was it sixth?) month. Easy breazy this time around. Which brought me to the next aspect of my pregnancy which is..

Weight Gain

Oh, boy. Ohhhh boyyy..

In total, i have gained 9kgs. 9kgs in 6.5 months! Every month checkup mesti naik 2 kg starting from the third month. Doctor bising gak but in my defense, i did not pig out okayy (denial). Aku makan amaun same je cam tak ngandong (denial). Just that this time around i love, love sweet stuff especially chocolate. My (almost) nightly fix consist of Chipsmore cicah dengan cold milk and my love for my own-baked Nutella brownie. i guess that's where the extra kgs come from.

My super-easy-to-make Nutella brownie.


So yeah. People have been noticing that this bump is definitely much bigger than my first bump. But it's totally okay. Afif was born at teeny weeny 2.34kg. i'm hoping baby #2 would be at a much healthier weight. Besides, i did a general health check-up and my glucose level and bone density tests came up good. i just have to be careful and watch my carbo intake from now on if i wanna lose weight easily post pregnancy.

At 19 weeks, when people started to realize i'm not just fat. i'm pregnant.

Both potos at 22 weeks. Amazing how different angles can either show or hide your baby bump.

26 weeks.
On Chuna's last day with PRD :'(


This time around i'm all about seafood and sweet stuff. i want fish, prawns, lobsters, squid, fish fish fish! At one phase, aku goreng ikan talapia ngan kunyit dan garam je or udang goreng kunyit makan ngan nasik and kicap EVERYDAY and those were the best meals ever. This baby is gonna love makanan kampung a lot coz aku memang tak berapa lalu makan pasta and other Western dishes. Dulu masa ngan Afif, aku suke makan daging and Western food.

It's true what they say. Every pregnancy is different.

Detail Scan at 23 Weeks

Last time when i was pregnant with Afif, i didn't do detail scan because my obgyn said everything looks okay. This time around, my ob/gyn advice us to do detail scan to see the umbilical cord's length. You see, Afif's umbilical cord was too short (sejengkal gitu je).. That's why he couldn't descend during labor and i ended up with a c-sect. So this time around, i'd like to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-sect) but of course if my and baby's condition permit.

We went for the detail scan at 23 weeks. Aku jakun gila masa scan tu. Rupanya memang detail la dia check segala. Segala heart chamber, tulang and jari-jari tangan kaki, segala ukuran otak, perot, pundi kencing.. As for the umbilical cord, the sonographer said it's not possible to predict exactly the cord's length but if we see the cord at a few locations around the baby, it means the cord is long. Alhamdulillah, we can see the cord around the baby. InshaAllah panjang la kot idok ler sejengkal je.

 My still-kurus baby at 23 weeks.
Sleeping soundly marah kene kacau.

 The blue and red thingy is the cord.

During the last two ob/gyn visits, baby refuse to show his/her hoo-ha. Orang kata kalo dah malu-malu ni baby girl la selalunya. Naturally, rasa best gak kalo girl. Dapat la sepasang. But then having a boy would be fun too coz Afif ade la geng buli, wrestling bagai..

During this detail scan, jenuh jugak la sonographer tu godek and pujuk baby bukak sket kaki tu. Finally.. nampak jugak. Terang dan jelas.

Tak sempat sonographer nak cakap ape, i blurted out.. "Wow.. It's a boy.. Kan?"

Gelak je miss tu. "haa mama pon dah nampak kan. It's a boy!"


Kitorang laki bini were grinning like idiots.

We're gonna have another boy, guys!!

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