January 13, 2015

Big Baby

Last Friday i went for my 6th month checkup. And it was an appointment to remember because for the first time ever EVER, i went for a checkup alone, without my husband. He had to work and frankly, it's not worth it to sneak out from Sepang to KL semata-mata nak temankan aku checkup. i thought i'm gonna dread it (sebab kononnya aku sorang loser takde laki disisi gi checkup) but surprisingly, ramai je mak-mak gi checkup sorang. It wasn't all that bad.

Checkup went smooth. Dr. Noor Fidak tengok detail scan report and dia kata ok la. Dia check jugak umbilical cord and while it's longer than Afif's, drp muka dia aku rasa she thinks it's not long enough. Aku pon tatau. Baby is still breech at 26 weeks but she's not worried. Banyak masa lagi nak turun katanya but of course aku dah start cuak. Kene banyak sujud ni supaya senang baby turun. 

Anyway, in the 7 weeks that the doctor and i did not see each other, i gained 4kgs *nanges*. 

i complained about my crazy weight gain. Dr. Fidak kata "guess what? Baby you besar. That's why badan you tak nampak naik tp berat naik. Air ketuban pon banyak ni". Apparently he weighs 1+kg while he's suppose to weigh tak sampai 800g, measuring at 28 week instead of 26 week. Wow this baby really takes after his daddy. Doctor suruh aku jaga makan, kurangkan/skip carbohydrate and sugar coz those go  straight to the baby. Banyakkan protein. As i want to try for a VBAC, memang kene jaga la baby takleh besar sangat. i don't want his size to be the alasan why i need to c-sect if everything else is ok.

So much for the myth that pregnant women can eat whatever they want. Sigh.

Before the appointment, aku memang dah start jaga makan gak sebab tanak berat sgt masa jmpa doctor haha. But now i really have to step up my game. Switched from rice to brown rice.  No more 3-in-1 coffee, only black coffee less sugar for me. Nampaknye kene la makan salad or sandwich je at lunch coz malam mesti makan nasi kat umah. Tatau la berjaya ke tak haha. And those cookies, ice cream and brownies i love? Well, i'm not gonna give them up completely but i'll try to limit them.

Pagi semalam aku timbang, i lost 1kg already. Gila takkan baru control makan 3 hari trus turun berat? Haha.

Wish me luck, guys. Ingat senang ke control makan bila tengah ngandong? Doakan jugak aku berjaya VBAC.

Hello baby!

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