July 30, 2013

Iftar with Besties

Nowadays it's almost impossible to go out and socialize. i can't barely go on a date with my husband, let alone go out with friends. Being a mother tend to do that to your social life but i ain't complaining.

i have not seen my girfriends in a while. Whatsapp diorang pon kadang-kadang tak terbalas sebab busy dengan kerja, suami dan anak. Gotta admit i feel a little left out but it's my fault la jugak. So when the day comes that i can finally go out for a night of girly time, of course i'm ultra excited! Shaq came to pick me up at 6pm and we went straight to BSC. Had iftar at House + Co coz Shaf was craving for their caramalised prawn.

Our iftar at House + Co:
Stuffed mushroom
Verdict: i expected it'll be like the yummy ones at Italiannies but was left disappointed. Just mushroom with cream cheese and partly wrapped in turkey slice.

 Assam pedas ikan senangin
Verdict: Nothing wow. The one at Cozy Corner, Great Eastern Mall is way better.

Egg tofu
Verdict: Yummy!

Caramalised Prawn
Verdict: Yummy but too sweet for my liking. Makan seekor dah cukup.

Then of course we cam-whored like crazy! Dalam toilet lah mana lagi nak jadi vain.

We then went to Haagen Dazs Solaris for dessert because i wanted their ice cream with warm waffle (yum!). Imagine my disappoinment when the staff said mesin buat waffle rosak! Uwaaa.. i settled for flower cone with ice cream je lah.

Dalam kol 10.30pm baru gerak balik. Melepak berborak catching up sampai lupa kejap anak dan suami di rumah padahal janji nak balik by 10pm hewhewhew. On the way balik tu Mr. Chenta call anak meragam katanya. Hamagad rasa bersalah. Sampai rumah tengok diorang elok je lepak tapi nampak la mata Afif kuyu nak tido. When he saw me he was so excited melonjak lonjak sambil membebel bebel suara sedih macam mengadu "Mama tau tak Afif lost sangat. Mama ni kenapa tinggal Afif.. Sedih tau tak nak tido takde nenen!". Hubby said he refused to sleep. Hai lah anak manja. Sejak lahir tak pernah tido tanpa mamanya.. Rasa bersalah pula balik lambat. Sorry ye sayang..

i had fun with my girls. i seriously miss them, miss talking about boys and miss going out but that's life. You were a student, then a worker. You were young and single but then grow older, found The One and have a family. i'm just glad that i have an understanding husband who knows the importance of girl's time and have no problem looking after our child so i can have my time off.

Til next girlfriends outing!

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