July 25, 2013

His Current Hobby

Nowadays Afif loves to go for car rides.. and instists to drive!

Sorry mister, but you're 18 years too young to drive.

Other than that, he's very much obsessed with food, Astro remote control (drives everyone mad by changing the channel 100 times per minute), boobs, and books, with Mirror Me remains his favorite one.

Lazy Sunday activity.

Anyway, last weekend i made him porridge. What i changed this time was instead of extra virgin olive oil, i sauteed onions and anchovies with butter. Put in some rice and water. Wait to boil. When the porridge is almost ready, i put in potato, carrot and broccoli. Wait to cook. And this is the result:

The smell is divine, i tell you. Must've been the butter. Kurang pahala puasa.
Oh, but of course i blended it. Afif makan selera siap bertambah lagi masa lunch and dinner.

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